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How To Manually Update Android SmartPhone’s Software

Android Smartphones are quite handy these days. Almost everyone owns an Android Smartphone. The problem with these Android Smartphones is that with the time passing they become slower. Solution to this problem is “Software Update” or “System Update“. Software update usually doesn’t erase your phones storage but, it is highly recommended that you take backup of your files(Photos, videos and applications) before continuing. This tutorial shows, how to manually update android smartphone’s software.

How To Manually Update Android SmartPhone?

Step 1

First, tap on Settings icon on your android smartphone’s menu or home screen to open Phone’s settings.

This will open Settings on your android smartphone.

Step 2

In Settings, scroll down to the bottom and tap on About Phone.

Step 3

Here you will find some options related to your android Smartphone. Tap on System updates.

Step 4

Your smartphone will start checking for new software update. Remember, this function uses your phone’s internet data or Wi-Fi.

If there is any update available, you will be prompted to download. Make sure you download the “Software update” using Wi-Fi, otherwise, it may eat all your mobile data.

Step 5

After checking, your phone will show list of available updates. Tap on Update to see more details about available update. Tap on download to start downloading the update.

Step 6

After downloading and installing update, your phone will reboot. Go to settings again and check for the version of software you have. Check for updates again, if there is no update available, you will see-

Your system is the latest version“.

Congratulations! You have the latest version of your phone’s software. The availability of Software Update depends upon your region and country. Should you face a problem while updating, comment below!

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