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Your WhatsApp Account Can Be Hacked In 4 Easy Steps, Watch Out!

Social Media has always been primary target for hackers. It’s a common to hear news about user accounts got hacked by hackers. Specially WhatsApp users are on hacker’s target as they can easily misuse WhatsApp account for their own purpose. Hackers can steal almost all information from your WhatsApp account like, Chats, Photos and Videos and easily misuse them. And if they got your Bank …

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How To Stop WhatsApp From Sharing Your Contact Details With Facebook

WhatsApp has recently announced it’s new Privacy Policy, according to which, WhatsApp is going to share your contact details with Facebook for better Advertisement targeting and better Facebook friends suggestions. It’s something like selling your phone number to an advertising company. WhatsApp has already rolled out new privacy policy notification in it’s latest update. When you open your updated WhatsApp application, it shows you a …

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What’s New In Windows 10’s Second Big Anniversary Update

Microsoft has released second big update for Windows 10 after it’s first update in November 2015. This new update is named as “Anniversary Update” but it’s released a bit later than actual anniversary time (July). In this update Microsoft has made many changes to Windows 10. It has updated almost every part of Windows 10. Anniversary Update is biggest update for Windows 10 so far. …

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Unlock/Play Facebook Messenger’s Hidden Chess Game Using Secret Commands

Facebook has come up with a new feature in it’s messaging app, a Hidden Chess Game. Yes! You can play it using some secret chat box commands. You can play it on Facebook.com on your desktop as well as on your mobile phone using Facebook app or Messenger App. You just have to type in some secret commands to make moves and you can play …

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Keyboard And Mouse Shortcuts/Commands For Windows XP, 7, 8/8.1 and Windows 10

Keyboard and mouse shortcuts help us a lot while doing work on computer. They help us finish the task quickly. Here is the list of all Windows Keyboard and Mouse shortcuts, divided into groups depending upon their functionality. These are easy to learn and by little practice you can become an expert in these Keyboard shortcuts. General Keyboard-only Commands/Shortcuts F1 Starts Windows Help F10 Activates …

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20 HD Windows Wallpapers Free Download

Free Download 20 HD Windows Wallpapers Here we present Top 20 HD wallpapers for your desktop PC. You can download them for free from here. Click on the image to view it larger and then save it to your PC. Right-click the enlarged image and choose “Save image as…” to save Wallpaper to your PC.                      Download all above wallpapers in single zip file Click the …

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Wireless Home Networking – Tips And Tricks

Most of the people use Wireless Routers and Modems at their homes for internet coverage. But if you do not use proper security on your wireless networks, this may give you doze of high internet bills. Mostly, people do not bother to change default settings of their network routers and make them easily accessible to anyone. Anyone can hop on to your network and cost you …

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Top 10 Google Tricks (Mirror, Sphere, Tilt Screen, Underwater, Zerg Rush, Barrel Roll, Pacman, Terminal Mode, Gravity and Atari Breakout Tricks)

Google is biggest search engine over the internet. You can find almost everything by searching on Google.com. Google provides many other services like Gmail, Google+, Google Drive etc. Besides searching on Google.com, you can also play some cool tricks on Google. It is really fun to play with Google. Here are top 10 tricks that you can play on Google.com There are more tricks that you …

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Top 10 Best Gadgets In The World Today

Here we present the best gadgets available right now in 10 key categories, to save your hard work so that you won’t have to do the research yourself. Have a look at this great list. Also, you can check approximate prize in Euro, US Dollar and Indian Rupees. This is an exclusive club, and only tech that is capable of achieving a towering standard of excellence gets …

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How To Add Extra Security To Your Windows PC | Create A Startup Key Disk

You must have tried setting up strong password for your Windows to avoid unauthorized access. But don’t you think that your system is still not so much secured. There are a lot of password cracking methods. People can reset your password using a password reset disk or by using Windows installation disk. Some Bootable disks make it easy to reset passwords. Even without any third …

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