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How To Add Desktop Icons In Windows XP and Windows 7

Adding Desktop icons is not a tough task, but for beginners it may be embarrassing to get desktop icons back. Sometimes we delete icons from desktop un-intentionally and don’t know how to get the desktop icons back. Here is the way to get them back-

Let’s see the process for Windows XP and Windows 7 separately.

We are going to start with Windows 7:

Step 1

Right click on the blank space on desktop and choose “Personalize” from context menu for Windows 7. Make sure you clicked on blank space on your desktop otherwise you will get different context menu. Choose Personalize to go to Windows 7 Personalization.


Step 2

In Windows 7 Personalization screen, click on “Change desktop icons” from left pane.


Step 3

Choose the desktop icons you want to show on your desktop and press OK.


Selected icons will be displayed on your Windows 7 desktop.


Show Desktop Icons in Windows XP >>


  1. I am new to computers, this post helped me a lot…

  2. It’s quite simple to add icons but for windows xp it is totally different from windows 7.

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