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How To Backup Your WhatsApp Chats To Google Drive

WhatsApp has come up with a new feature, Google Drive Chat backup using which you can backup your Chats to your Google Drive Account so that if you lose your phone, your chats are still safe on Google Drive. Sometimes you have to Factory Reset your phone, in that case this “Google Drive backup of WhatsApp chats” may help you get your chats back. This  backup can be done automatically or manually depending upon the settings selected by you. You don’t need to install any extra application on your Phone to access this feature, it is available in new version of WhatsApp. This tutorial shows you, how to setup your WhatsApp to automatically backup your chats to your Google Drive account.

How To Backup Your WhatsApp Chats To Google Drive?

Step 1

First open your WhatsApp and in the top right corner, tap on Options (3 vertical dots). Now, from the list of options, tap on Settings.

Step 2

You are in Settings now. Tap on Chats.

In Chats, tap on Chat backup.

Step 3

You will see Google Drive settings, tap on Backup to Google Drive

Now, select how quickly you want to backup your chats. You can choose depending on your requirements, I have chosen Weekly.

It will ask you to select your Google Account to which you want to upload the backup. You can choose an existing account or you can add a new one. Select an account and tap on OK.

WhatsApp will ask for your permissions to modify and add data to your Google Drive, tap OK to continue. You have now successfully setup Google Drive Backup for WhatsApp chats.

Step 4

Now, let’s see other settings too. In Google Drive settings, under Account you will see an option labeled Backup over,  tap on it to change if you want to backup your chats over Wi-Fi or Mobile Data. In Backup over menu, you will see two options: Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi or cellular. Choose an appropriate option.

You can also include videos in the backup. In Google Drive settings, tap on last Include videos option to upload videos to your Google Drive though it is not recommended as it will fill your Google Drive quickly.

Step 5

You can also backup your Chats manually. In Chat backup settings, under Last Backup, you will see a BACK UP button. Tap on it to backup your chats to your Google Drive manually.

WhatsApp will create a backup on your local storage temporarily.

And will upload this backup to your Google Drive Account.

You can see the Status of your last backup under Last Backup as shown in snapshot below.

Now, you need not worry about your WhatsApp chats, Google Drive will take care of them. In case you have troubles or queries regarding this tutorial, comment below. Enjoy, Have fun!

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