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How To Create Password Reset Disk For Windows 7

User Password in Windows provide security for your account. But sometimes this security becomes headache when you forget your Windows user password. In that case you have to reset your Windows password or you have to reinstall the Windows. Sometimes, reinstalling Windows in not an affordable thing, because that way you lose all your documents that were stored on “C” drive.

You can easily avoid such situation in future. For that you have to Create Password Reset Disk for your Windows User Account. This tutorial is about creating a password reset disk for Windows 7.

What We Need: Just one USB Pendrive of any size.


Step 1

First click on Start button and then click on Control Panel.

In Control Panel search box type “password reset disk“. In search result, you will see a link under User Accounts, “Create a password reset disk“, click on it.

Step 2

Forgotten Password Wizard will start, click Next to start the process.

Remember you have to insert a USB drive to save password reset file. Without inserting USB drive, this wizard will not run. And it will show you an error about inserting USB Drive.

Select your USB drive from drop-down list and click Next.

You will be prompted to enter your current password. Enter your current password and click Next.

Step 3

After the process is finished, the progress bar will reach 100%. Now click on Next.

You have successfully created Password Reset Disk for Windows 7. Click on Finish to exit the wizard.

Now you can use this USB drive to reset your Windows 7 password using password reset disk. Whenever you forget your password, insert this USB Drive into your PC and reset the password.

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