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How To Enable Telnet Client In Windows 10

Before we start enabling telnet client in Windows 10, let’s have a look at what Telnet is. “Telnet is a protocol that allows you to connect to remote computers (called hosts) over a TCP/IP network (such as the Internet)“. You can make a connection to a telnet server (i.e., the remote host), using telnet client software on your computer. As soon as your telnet client establishes a connection to the remote host, your client becomes a virtual terminal, which allows you to communicate with the remote host from your computer. In most cases, you’ll need to log into the remote host, using the credentials of an account on that system. Occasionally, you can log in as guest or public without having an account.

Let’s start the process of enabling telnet client in Windows 10. You can easily enable telnet client in control panel. Just follow these steps:

Step 1

Open Control panel from Start menu.

Search “turn windows features” in control panel and click on Turn Windows features on or off in search results.

This will open Windows features window where you can turn on or off Windows features.

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Step 2

In Windows Features window, scroll down and check the box next to Telnet Client and then click on OK.

It will take some time for Windows to apply these changes. After successfully enabling telnet client, click on Close.

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Step 3

You can test telnet client by running it from Command prompt or from RUN. To use telnet, type command in following format in command prompt:

telnet <hostname> <port>

You can avoid providing port to use default port. Here is an example:

Above telnet server is for watching Star Wars in ASCII mode.

Enabling telnet in Windows 10 is quite easy. Just enable it in Windows Features and you are good to go. Similarly you can enable other services also. In case you need to disable telnet in Windows 10, you can go to Windows Features again and disable it from there. Enjoy, have fun!

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