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How To Increase RAM In BlueStacks To Make It Faster

BlueStacks in one of the most popular Android emulator. BlueStacks allows you to play Android games and Apps on your computer/PC. BlueStacks is slightly heavy application for PC as it requires the PC to have at least 2GB or more RAM for running applications smoothly. By default BlueStacks uses 768MB RAM, which sometimes is not enough to run it smoothly. This Low RAM condition causes BlueStacks to freeze or hang. This problem can be easily solved by increasing size of RAM in BlueStacks. You can install and run Smart System App to check the RAM size of the BlueStacks. This tutorial shows you How to Increase/Decrease Size of RAM in BlueStacks to make it faster and how to manage the RAM size of BlueStacks.

You can change the RAM size of BlueStacks by just a simple registry trick/hack.

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How To Increase RAM In BlueStacks To Make It Faster?

Step 1

All BlueStacks service and processes must be closed before we start. To do this, navigate to folder “C:\Program Files\Bluestacks” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\Bluestacks” and double-click the file “HD-Quit.exe” to exit all BlueStacks processes and services.

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Step 2

Now, open RUN utility by pressing Windows Key + R key combination. Type “regedit” in the box and press OK to open the Registry Editor.

You may be prompted for Administrator’s permission, click Yes to continue.

This will open Registry Editor window.

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Step 3

In Registry editor navigate to following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > BlueStacks > Guests > Android

You will see a Memory DWORD on right side. Double-click on the Memory DWORD to see the details of Memory currently used by BlueStacks.

You will see the details of Memory. You will see Value data 300 (Hexadecimal) by default, which mean 768 MB in decimal. This means your BlueStacks is using 768 MB of RAM, it is dependent on your PC’s RAM. If you have enough RAM in your computer and want to increase the RAM for BlueStacks, you can change this value data.

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Step 4

Change the Base to Decimal so that you can type size of RAM in normal mode. Now, fill the size of RAM in Value data field. You can assign as much RAM to BlueStacks as you wish. Here, I am giving 1GB RAM to BlueStacks, so, I have filled 1024 in Value data field.

Click OK to apply changes. You can now close the Registry Editor. 
Now, start BlueStacks and see, it’s running faster and better than before.

Do not foolishly assign more than 50% of your Computer’s RAM if you have 4GB or less RAM as it will lead your System to unstable and hanging state.
For example, if you have 8GB RAM in your PC, you can easily assign 4GB to BlueStacks and it is more than enough. Anyway, enjoy fast BlueStacks! Feel free to comment if you face any trouble.
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