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How To Increase Volume Of Mp3 Songs/Music Files

We all like mp3 songs. But sometimes, the sound volume of mp3 songs is quite low and spoil the excitement. You can’t feel the excitement of music without proper volume level. This problem usually happen in mobile phones, where increase in volume is limited. The only solution to this problem is to increase volume of mp3 songs. How can we increase volume of mp3 file/song? Answer is simple, using a software called Mp3Volumer. This Mp3Volumer is a freeware so you don’t need to pay for it. But if you still want to help them, you can share this post to let more people know about this smart and useful utility. This tutorial shows, how to increase/decrease volume of mp3 songs.

What do we need?

How To Increase Volume Of Mp3 Songs/Music Files?

Step 1

First download Mp3Volumer from above given download link. After downloading, click on downloaded file. If you see UAC Prompt, click Yes.

Now, you will see Mp3Volumer installation wizard, click Next to start-

Accept the License Agreement-

Now, you just need to follow on-screen options. You can take help from snapshots below-

If you don’t want to Install AVG PC TuneUp on your PC, just uncheck the box as shown below.

Wait for the installation to complete.

After installation is complete, click Finish. This will launch Mp3Volumer.

Step 2

If Mp3Volumer doesn’t launch automatically, you can open it by double-clicking the icon on the desktop. You will see Mp3Volumer window. For increasing the volume of the songs, we will first add them to the list. Click Add, to add a song-

Now, you will see a browse window. Browse to the location of your mp3 music files, select them and click Open. You can also select multiple files.

Step 3

Now, click on Settings button.

In Settings, go to Output Folder tab and check the box next to “Use same folder as source file“. This will help you find output file. You will get new high volume mp3 music files in the same folder as the source file.

Now, go to Audio Encoding  tab and check the box next to “Increase volume” and click on the drop-down list under it & select percentage of volume to increase. You can take help from snapshot below-

Step 4

All the settings are done now. Click Start, to start increasing the volume of your selected mp3 music files.

You will see a progress bar for each file separately.

When all your files are done with the processing, you will see the list of your files with status “Completed!“.

Now, you can close Mp3Volumer utility. You are done here. You can test your files by going to the songs/music file’s location and playing any one of them. You should experience change in volume level.

Your mp3 music files should be of good quality, as with the volume, noise also gets amplified. This may make your songs noisier if they had some noise in them already. Hope, you like the amplification process. Mp3Volumer can increase volume of your mp3 files upto 650% i.e. 6.5 time the original volume level. Besides increasing volume level, you can also increase/decrease the bit rate of mp3 file. By changing bit rate, you can adjust size and quality of your mp3 music file. Please refer this post to your friends who are tired of low mp3 music volumes. Enjoy, have fun!

One comment

  1. Sometimes even with the volume in the highest level, it still sounds very slight. In this case, you’d better to turn to some professional tool to increase file volume.
    I use iDealshare VideoGo to increase Volume of Audio or Video File in MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. I don’t do much, but it really works well. Just finished increasing the volume of a MOV file right now.
    Hope it will help you more or less.

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