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How To Reset Windows Password Using Password Reset Disk

You should have tried many methods for resetting Windows lost password. A password cracking or resetting method may be simple or complicated depending on how messed up you are. If you have already created a password reset disk for your  computer, you can easily “reset your Windows password using password reset disk“. If you don’t know how to create password reset disk, click here.

This tutorial shows how to reset your Windows password if you have created password reset disk already. This method works for Windows Vista, 7, 8/8.1 or Windows 10. Windows XP doesn’t have this feature.

What we need: 


Step 1

First start your PC. When you see login screen enter the password in the box provided. If you don’t know the correct password, enter any random/incorrect password. After entering random password press Enter or you can click the Arrow button next to password field.

Step 2

It will show you an error that The username or password is incorrect. Click OK.

You will be taken back to login screen. This time you will see password hint and Reset password… link below password input box. Click Reset password… link to start resetting your password using password reset disk.

Step 3

Password Reset Wizard will start, click Next to begin.

Insert USB pen-drive which has password recovery file save on it. Windows will automatically identify the disk and it will show that following disk has password reset key on it. Click Next to proceed.

Next, you will see a screen where you can enter a new password twice and type a password reset hint. Enter your desired password in both password boxes and in the third box type a password hint, which can remind you about password and click Next.

Now, you have successfully reset your password. You can login using this new password, click Finish to exit the wizard.

Step 4

Login with the new password. Enter newly created password in the box and press Enter or click Arrow button.

You have logged in successfully using new password.

This method only works if you have already created password reset disk for your Windows.

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