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How To Change Save Location For Windows 10 Apps To Other Drive Than ‘C’

Mircrosoft released Windows 10 back in July 2015. Like in Windows 8/8.1, you can download apps from Windows Store in Windows 10 also. Windows 10 by default saves all the Windows store apps to ‘C’ drive on your hard disk. This may cause problems to the guys with smaller hard disk size. If they download too many apps from Windows store, ‘C‘ drive runs out of storage space. This issue could be solved by changing default app save location on Windows 10 but initial Windows 10 builds didn’t allow the users to change default save location for Windows store apps.

Microsoft acknowledged this issue and released a patch in November 2015 Build to solve this issue. With the latest Windows 10 build, you can save Windows Store’s apps to different drive than ‘C‘. You can get this build by either downloading latest Windows 10 ISO or by running Windows Updates.

This tutorial shows you, how to change default location for saving Windows 10 store apps. You don’t need anything special, just Windows 10 PC and internet connection.

How To Change Save Location For Windows 10 Apps To Other Drive Than ‘C’?

Step 1

First of all, go to Settings >> System” and on the left side click on Storage on left side. On the right side you will see the storage spaces of your disk drives and under that you will see Save Locations. The first option in Save locations is, “New apps will save to:“.

If this is disabled by default, then you are running 10240 build. You have to run Windows Updates to get latest Windows 10 build.

To run Windows Updates. Go to Settings >> Update & Security >> Windows Update, click on Check for Updates, to check for latest updates.

Your PC will be required to Restart after the update.

Step 2

You can now change the new app’s save location to another disk drive on your PC. Click on drop-down list and select desired disk drive to save Windows 10 store apps to.

After selecting new disk drive, you need to click on Apply to save the changes.

Now, you don’t need to worry about the size of ‘C‘ drive. All your Windows 10 Store Apps will be saved to ‘D‘ drive or other selected drive automatically.

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