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How To Turn On Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Images In Windows 10

Enable Windows Spotlight on the Lock Screen

Windows 10 has brought users a new feature called Windows Spotlight. When enabled, this feature shows beautiful and mind blowing pictures on lock screen. Lock screen is not sign-in screen of you Windows 10 but it’s the screen which shows when your Windows is locked. Usually this feature is enabled by default, but if you don’t see this feature enabled, just follow this tutorial.


How To Turn On Windows Spotlight?

Step 1

First, go to Lock Screen Settings. Follow this path-
Start > Settings > Personalization > Lock Screen.

In the Lock Screen settings window, you will see preview of your current lock screen. Below that you will see option to change Background image. Click drop-down list and select Windows Spotlight.

how-to-turn-on-windows-spotlight-lock-screen-images-in-windows-10-Windows Spotlight in Windows 10

Changes will take effect immediately.

Step 2

Now, time to check if it works or not. Just lock your Windows 10 by pressing “Windows Key + L” on keyboard. You will see new image on lock screen. If you are doing it for first time, it may take some time for Windows 10 to load new background image. REMEMBER THIS FEATURE REQUIRES INTERNET CONNECTION!

You will also see a feedback option on the top-right corner of the screen saying, “Like what you see?“. You can reply with “I want more!” to say yes or “Not a fan.” to say no. That will change appearance of images on Lock screen.

If you don’t want to use Windows Spotlight for your lock screen background images, just go to the same setting as in Step 1 and choose Picture or Slideshow from drop-down list. Both of these will allow you to select any local image file instead of the images downloaded from internet. Enjoy, Windows 10 Spotlight!

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