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How To Uninstall Remix OS From Your PC

How to remove Remix OS from your PC without loosing your Windows 10?

Remix OS is based on Android Marshmallow 6.0 and has good graphics. You can install it alongside Windows. But some people may not like this Remix OS or their computer might fail to boot from Remix OS. In those cases one might want to uninstall Remix OS from their PC. Uninstallation of Remix OS is as simple as uninstallation of any other program. This tutorial shows you how to uninstall Remix OS from your PC without losing your existing Windows.

Follow these steps to uninstall Remix OS from your PC-

Step 1

First, boot to Windows instead of Remix OS on your PC. You can do so by choosing Windows option on Startup.

After selecting Windows 10 option on startup, your PC will boot to Windows.

Step 2

Now, go to the directory where you installed Remix OS. You will see a “RemixOS” named folder in that drive.

Open this folder and double-click on UninstallRemixOS application.

Click Yes when you see UAC prompt.

Step 2

You will see a dialog box asking you about uninstalling Remix OS from Your PC. Click OK to continue uninstallation.

After successful uninstallation, you will see a confirmation dialog box, click OK to continue.

Setup has removed startup boot menu and other files from your system. But you still have disk image left in your drive which is occupying the space. We have to delete it manually. Delete RemixOS folder from disk drive permanently and you will be done.

Step 3

Remix OS has been uninstalled completely from your PC. Reboot your PC to test uninstallation.

On restarting your PC, you won’t see any boot menu to select between Windows and Remix OS. Your PC will directly boot to Windows.

Remix OS has been completely uninstalled from your PC. You can now enjoy your PC with Windows just like before. In case you messed up your Windows too, you can reinstall Windows anytime.

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  1. After reading this guide i realized that It’s not tough for installing in windows. This is an amazing guide i found. Thanks for the awesome guide.

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