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How To Use Bluestacks Without Hanging Your PC

BlueStacks is the best Android emulator used to run Android applications on Windows platform. You can install BlueStacks on your Windows PC or Laptop and you can install and use android applications on that. You can install WhatsApp, Candy Crush, Temple Run, Subway Surfers and many more on BlueStacks. BlueStacks 2 is available for download from official website – BlueStacks.com

After installation of BlueStacks 2, you will be prompted to download various games and apps on regular interval of time or you have to purchase license. While you are playing games or using any app on BlueStacks, it will download some advertisement data in background which will slow down your PC as well as your internet. Sometimes PC becomes so unresponsive that you have to use RESET button.

So, how to get past this? There are two solutions to this problem, first is to install full version of BlueStacks 0.8 or second is to increase RAM in BlueStacks to make it faster. In this article I am going to explain how to install full version of BlueStacks 0.8. If your BlueStacks still runs slow, you can increase RAM in BlueStacks to make it faster.

Now, where to get full version of BlueStacks 0.8? You can search on torrent sites and you can also download it from here. You should have latest .Net Framework installed on your PC.

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How to install full version of BlueStacks on your PC?

Step 1

You have to uninstall free version of BlueStacks if installed already. After uninstalling free version, download BlueStacks full version from above given link. After you have downloaded the BlueStacks full version, double-click it to start installation. Click the check-box next to “I Accept the Terms in License Agreement” and click Next.

You will be prompted to choose Data Folder for BlueStacks with minimum 1 GB space available, if you have enough space available in C: drive, leave it as it is and click Next.

Leave the boxes next to App store access and App Notifications checked and click Install.

If you see User Account Control Prompt, click Yes to continue.

BlueStacks installation will start.

After successful installation of BlueStacks, click Finish to exit installation wizard.

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Step 2

Immediately after installation, BlueStacks will start.

After initialization, you will see welcome screen. Click anywhere outside the welcome window to continue.

Now you are ready to use full version of BlueStacks. You can click on All Apps button to see all the apps which are installed already. Or you can click on PlayStore app to install more applications of your choice.

For using Google Play Store, click on Play Store icon on home screen. Register with your Google account to continue or you can create a new account.

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After registration, you will have full access to Play Store. You can install applications and games of your choice. The best thing about this full version is that you won’t see any ads. You will not be prompted to download and install apps to continue using BlueStacks. What’s more? Your PC will not slow down because of unwanted app installation by free version of BlueStacks. If it still hangs, you can increase RAM in BlueStacks to make it even more faster.

[Update:] You may see following error while installation-

Above error means you are having some certificate related issues. Click the link below to go to the solution-

Click here for solution

Enjoy full version of BlueStacks and fast system. Your BlueStacks should work fast now. If still hangs or slows down your PC, you should consider increasing RAM in Bluestacks to make it fasterShould you face a problem, comment below.

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  4. Increasing ram is better option..

  5. Yes, that worked for me. This post is very nicely written and with images. perfectly explained, thanks admin…

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