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How To Use WhatsApp On PC Without BlueStacks (Using WhatsApp Web)

There are two famous ways to use WhatsApp on PC, one is through BlueStacks and other one is through WhatsApp web. This tutorial shows you how to use WhatsApp on PC using whatsapp web. Using this method you can use WhatsApp without installing BlueStacks on your PC. You just have to scan a QR code using your Phone’s camera. WhatsApp Web is official website service from WhatsApp Inc. You can use it without any software installation because it runs in web browser.

Follow these steps to use WhatsApp on PC using WhatsApp web.

Step 1

First, open WhatsApp Web on your PC in web browser by entering following address:


This will lead you to WhatsApp web’s website, where you will see a QR code. You have to scan this QR Code in order to run WhatsApp on your PC.

Step 2

Now, open WhatsApp on your SmartPhone. Tap on options (Three Vertical Dots) in the top right corner.

And from options, tap on “WhatsApp Web

Step 3

Now, WhatsApp will ask you to scan QR code. Tap on “OK, GOT IT“, and scan the QR code shown on the WhatsApp Web‘s webpage.

After successful scanning of the code, your WhatsApp chats will be displayed on the web browser. Now, you are ready to use WhatsApp on PC. Just keep your phone connected to internet. If you disconnected internet on your SmartPhone, it will automatically stop on web browser.

Step 4

Now, enjoy chatting with friends. You can click on any chat icon to chat with.

When you are done with chatting, and want to close WhatsApp on PC, just click on options (Three Vertical Dots) and select “Log out“.

After you click “Log out“, you will be redirected to a page showing QR code. You can connect again by scanning this code.

You can now enjoy WhatsApp on PC without installing BlueStacks on your Computer/PC. This will save space on your hard drive and you don’t have to install heavy BlueStacks on your PC. However, if you want to play android games and applications, you have to install BlueStacks on your PC. If you face any problem, you can write in comments. Enjoy!

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