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How to Install Custom Cursor/Pointer Sets and Use Them

This tutorial shows, how to install cursors or mouse Pointer Sets for Windows and use them. First you have to download cursors or mouse pointer sets from some website. The installation and using of Mouse pointers is explained below. You can also download mouse cursors and pointer sets from the link give below. How to install and use mouse pointers/cursors? You can now check the …

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Facebook Introduces ‘Like Button’ Emoji ‘Reactions’

Facebook has recently introduced a new feature for its users, Like button Emoji Reactions. Previously, you can only like a post by clicking traditional ‘Like‘ button shown under any post but now, you can also show your reaction instead of simple liking the post. This new feature enabled the user to show their reactions, about any post, more precisely. On Wednesday, 24 Feb 2016, Facebook …

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How To Create A Professional Web Layout In Photoshop

Professional Web Designers are known for designing good looking, clean and functional Web layouts. This tutorial shows, how to design a clean and good looking professional Web layout using Photoshop and we will start from scratch. That will help you learn it completely. You can learn useful methods to create designs. So get started! What will you be designing? You will be designing this elegant …

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How To Disable ‘Quick Access’ In Windows 10

File Explorer in Windows 10 has a new feature, i.e. Quick Access. If you click on File Explorer icon on Taskbar, it opens a window, which shows your recently visited places(Folders, files etc.). But, for some people it is not a handy tool, as most of us want to open ‘This PC‘ usually. Luckily, you can change settings in Windows File Explorer to open ‘This PC‘ instead …

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How To Make Your Computer A Time Server / NTP Server Without Any Software

A Time Server or NTP(Network Time Protocol) server is a server that is used to synchronize the time across devices. Like in Windows, your time automatically get synchronized by Microsoft’s time server (time.windows.com). You can also make your own PC a time server or NTP server and can synchronize the time of all devices in your local(LAN) network with your PC. This tutorial shows you “how to turn …

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How To Create Your Own Travel Brochure Using Only Photoshop

This tutorial demonstrates techniques to create Travel Flyer Template Design in Photoshop. This is a fairly straightforward tutorial using Photoshop’s drawing tools and composition techniques. The techniques shown here could be applied to create any other flyer template design as well, like holiday trip, local attraction, etc. You will require Adobe Photoshop CS3 or newer to create this template. What You’ll Be Creating? Hereby we …

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Photoshop Tutorial – How To Get Six Pack Abs Using Photoshop

Everyone wants to have six pack abs. If you can’t work hard enough in gym, then you have to use Photoshop to get six pack abs. 😛 This Video tutorial shows you, how to get six(6) pack abs using Photoshop. Just Watch This Video and you will find it easy to make six pack abs on a flat belly. You shouldn’t have any doubts after watching …

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How To Play Free Tetris Game In uTorrent

uTorrent is one of the best torrent downloading application. You can use it for downloading torrents as well as you can play free Tetris game in uTorrent. Yes, Tetris game! The About uTorrent page contain a small time pass game that you can play while your torrent is downloading and you don’t want to stare at the progress bar of the download. Follow this tutorial to …

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How To Move Windows 10 Apps to Other Drive From ‘C’

Microsoft’s Windows 10 allows the users to move Windows Apps to different drive than ‘C‘. It means you can move Windows 10 Apps to different drive on your computer and save space in your ‘C‘ drive. You can also change default save location for new Windows 10 apps to other drive, so that new apps from Windows Store will install directly to other drive. You …

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How To Change Save Location For Windows 10 Apps To Other Drive Than ‘C’

Mircrosoft released Windows 10 back in July 2015. Like in Windows 8/8.1, you can download apps from Windows Store in Windows 10 also. Windows 10 by default saves all the Windows store apps to ‘C’ drive on your hard disk. This may cause problems to the guys with smaller hard disk size. If they download too many apps from Windows store, ‘C‘ drive runs out of storage space. This …

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