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How To Start Windows 8/8.1 In Safe Mode

Starting Windows 8 in Safe Mode is different from Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. You can simply start Windows XP, Vista or 7 in Safe Mode by pressing F8 key on startup, but in Windows 8/8.1, this function is disabled. You have to use a different method to start Windows 8/8.1 in Safe Mode. This tutorial shows you “how to start Windows 8/8.1 in safe mode“. How To Start Windows 8/8.1 …

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How To Reset Windows Password Using Password Reset Disk

You should have tried many methods for resetting Windows lost password. A password cracking or resetting method may be simple or complicated depending on how messed up you are. If you have already created a password reset disk for your  computer, you can easily “reset your Windows password using password reset disk“. If you don’t know how to create password reset disk, click here. This tutorial shows how …

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How To Use System Recovery In Windows 10

Windows users have been facing issues related to stability and compatibility since the launch of Microsoft Windows 10. It is latest Windows by Microsoft, so some softwares are still not compatible with it and may cause system crashes sometimes. System crash can lead to an inoperable state of your PC. In such situation, you can either use System Restore utility if you have restore points already …

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How To Share Your Colleague’s/Friend’s Printer In Local Area Network (LAN)

If you have worked in a corporate company, you must have used Network printers for printing documents. Network printers are costly and small companies usually don’t consider buying them for their offices. They simply buy small USB printer for particular cabin or department. That printer is usually connected to a computer and whenever somebody wants to print a document, he/she approaches that computer and print …

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How To Clean Install Windows 7

Windows installation is something that a person having a computer must know. If you don’t know how to install Windows, you will have to take your computer to Computer shop and pay for Windows installation every time you need Windows installation. Here is the solution for this problem. You can install Windows yourself using Windows Installation Disk. This tutorial shows “how to install Windows 7 on a fresh or …

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How To Create Password Reset Disk For Windows 8 or 8.1

Forgetting Windows 8 password and Reinstalling Windows in not an affordable thing. Because that way you have to lose all your documents that were stored on “C” drive. But if you could do something to reset your lost password, that would have saved your precious data and time. There are two ways to handle such situation – Reset your Windows lost password or Use a …

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