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What’s New In Windows 10’s Second Big Anniversary Update

11. Windows Store has more Apps and Games

Microsoft has increased the scope of Windows Store. It now has more apps than before. You can find your regular desktop applications on Windows store.

Microsoft recently released a tool to convert any desktop application to Sandbox UWP Application. Developers can upload their apps to Windows Store by converting them to UWP application by using this tool. Windows 10’s “Sideload the Application” allows the users to install the applications outside the Store.

12. Microsoft Edge now supports Browser Extensions

When Windows 10 was released, Microsoft Edge didn’t support Browser Extensions, which drove users away from it. But with “Anniversary Update“, Microsoft Edge finally supports browser extensions. The New Edge browser uses Chrome-style extensions. Microsoft will now provide a tool to convert Chrome Extensions to Edge Extensions. You can find extensions for your Edge browser in Windows Store.

13. Unlock Your PC with Companion Devices

Windows 10’s Hello currently supports unlocking your PC using fingerprint or your face. But now you can unlock your PC with “Companion devices” also. A companion device can be your Smartphone or Microsoft Brand fitness band. For example, you can create a USB drive to unlock your PC with.

14. Windows Defender Gets More Powerful Detection System

In Windows 10’s Anniversary Update, Windows Defender has also got some improvements. A new feature “Limited Periodic Scanning” is included in update. This feature becomes effective only if you have another Antivirus Program installed on your Windows 10 PC. This feature enables Windows Defender to scan your PC periodically. Even if you are using another Antivirus program, Windows defender will scan your system occasionally. This is like another layer of security for your PC.

15. Windows 10 Communicates to Your Windows or Android Phone

Cortana on your Windows 10 PC can integrate with the Cortana App on your Windows or Android Phone. To use this feature, you have to install latest Cortana application on your Windows Phone or Android Phone. This integration feature works with Windows Phone which have latest software installed. iPhone user will surely be disappointed by this as this feature is not available on iOS.

You need to login using same Microsoft Account on both Windows 10 PC and Smartphone. Cortana will show all your Android or Windows Phone’s notification on your Windows 10 PC.

16. New Dark Theme For Windows 10

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update includes a Dark theme for Windows 10. This theme enables low light display at night to reduce harms to eyesight. Though this theme was included in Windows 10 initial release, but it was hidden. You had to use registry editor to enable Dark theme in Windows 10. And this Dark theme was not complete. You can also see more theme options in Settings > Personalization > Colors

17. Edge Finally Gets Pinned Tabs, Web Notifications, Click-to-Play Flash and Swipe Navigation

Microsoft Edge now has Click to Play flash option. It means if a webpage has flash content on it, Edge will pause it and display a Click to Play button. This doesn’t keep Videos integrated to webpage from playing but it prevents flash ads from playing automatically.

Besides Click to play flash, you can also “Pin Tabs” and you can also enable “Web notifications” for some websites like Facebook.com and other social sites. “Swipe Navigation” helps a lot for navigation between pages. This Anniversary Update has been a boon to Microsoft Edge.

18. Improved Digital Drawing and Annotation in Apps

Windows Ink feature makes touchscreen laptops more useful. Windows Ink in Windows 10 is integrated with many applications so that you can make most of it. You can write on sticky notes or even you can draw on it. You can point on Map. Cortana can set reminders based on your input, for example, if you type word “tomorrow“, Cortana will automatically set a reminder for the Next day.
You can change Pen Settings in – Settings > Devices > Pen

This setting allows you to choose what happens when you press the button on Pen. For example, you can open OneNote directly. You can also disable touch input on the screen while using pen, this prevents accidental taps while you are drawing using Pen.

19. Windows own Linux Command Line (Bash Shell)

One of the best features of the Anniversary Update is “Linux Command Line“. It is not any port like Cygwin or virtualization but it’s a true Bash Shell for Windows 10. It has all the tools built in that you expect from a Linux Bash Shell.

This is really big news for Developers. It is actually the full Ubuntu userspace running on Windows. But this doesn’t support server software or graphical applications. It is just a Bash shell complete with support for the exact same binaries that you can run in Linux Bash Shell.

20. Redesigned Start Menu

Start Menu interface has received big changes to it. The “All Apps” option is gone. Settings, Power, User Accounts are now shifted to left side of the Start Menu and only icons are visible. You can now search your files on both the PC and OneDrive. This feature is really useful for OneDrive users who store their files online on OneDrive.

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