7 Common Mistakes You Make In Web Development

The web development is smart enough in this growing world which can catch many mistakes which are unable to be fixed by the new web developers. There are many advertising companies which used to advertise themselves through HTML pages and then molded into the complex ones for the high domain applications. Every web development used to develop several designs, podiums, and practices to keep the developers on board to deal with the common issues caused by many web applications.

Few common mistakes used to be caused by everyone in several stages of the web development process but such things lead you to become a more professional developer. So, the following are some common mistakes that used to be incurred by many professionals occasionally.

Ask the client, what they want?

It is all clear that developing an application is only for the client. So, before the start of designing one should have a complete detailed session with the client to discuss their safeties, plans, and requirements. What they already have and what new they are desiring for? So, it would lead you to the detailed needs of the customers and stay stick to it and stay in touch with the clients at several mileposts for accurate performance. Always focus on the design and needs of the client before stepping towards the front end programming.

Design first to avoid confusions

Most of the web developers do not design the UI and Interactions first which leads them to confusion and issues. It will keep you confused with the formats, colors, pixels, etc. until you will be satisfied. This could lead you to the wastage of time and affect your efficiency of programming and will stress you up to perform other activities. So, always design the interactions and UI for designing the extraordinary application. Using various tools like Sketch, Adobe XD can be beneficial for designing the UI and to understand its various components.

Partial Validation of Input

It is very important to validate the user input on the clients’ servers. It is a kind of must-do thing. But still, the mistakes from validation occurs so often. And the common consequence occurs through it is a SQL Injection. No doubt the implementation of standard validation is always time taking but it should be the part of standard coding practice as well and should never be ignored. 

Incremental approach

Mostly the web developers do not use to divide applications into the sub-applications. In actuality, it is always good to divide them and then divide their UI and then examine it completely before heading towards the next step. This would help to ensure that every step is designed perfectly without any errors. For instance, if the login and sign in is the first sub-application then make a minimal front end by focusing on the styling and other components for HTML input. After doing so, move to the step of back-end functionalities and examine the application and the responses. Afterward, use the CSS or any other framework for the styling of UI components. Keep on repeating the same task for each sub-application and other integrated sub-tasks until the complete application is designed.

Utilization of necessary tools

The utilization of necessary tools is really important for designing the web. For the API, the best suitable testing tool is Postman which is best suitable for inspecting the HHTP response or requests and methods so it would be better to analyze the validation of your API instead of focusing on the other tasks. For developing the first and last parts, you can use the dummy data in italics which can be refilled with the required data later when you start with the back-end.

 Improper SEO

Many web developers think that they have enough knowledge about SEO which is not true. And the biggest cause of improper SEO on web sites is the misinformation to the SEO specialists. Some of the people used to postpone some activities that are used to be done at the end which becomes a high price issue. The SEO is not only useful for tagging but also for keywords, metadata, images Alt tags, site map setting content, etc. but is also useful for eliminating the duplicate content, having crawlable site construction, effectual load times, intelligent backlinking, etc. One should start using SEO from the moment of start building the web application.

Cross-Browser Unsuitability

Mostly the web developments take place in the pressure of time. Everyone wants to release it as soon as possible so the developers are more concerned about the functionality of the webs rather than on their designs. The developer should use one of the browsers while designing the application and then test it on the other browser after its completion. It would be beneficial because it can tell how it will run on the other browser and how the issues can be fixed in this stage.

Here are the few web development tips to run the application on any other browser smoothly without any error or issue.

It is not required to test the application during the development phase, because it will be ineffective and time overwhelming. It still doesn’t mean that you cannot use it on any other browsers but use it every couple of days to distinguish the problems occurring in the initial development phase. Try to avoid using specific codes for browsing purposes.


Designing web is a broad term that legally hides a complete development of web services or web applications in them. It’s always important to be concerned about the authentication and authorization of webs and should be ready to deal with the web development glitches.

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