8 Simple Tricks To Make Your Windows 10 Really Fast

How to make Windows 10 faster by using simple tricks?

Even though Windows 10 comes with lot of improvements, but there are several factors that slow down your Windows 10. But by taking some simple steps you can make your Windows 10 faster. In this post we are describing 8 simple tips and tricks to make your Windows 10 run faster.

1. Choose High Performance Power Plan

Windows power plans are coolest ways to adjust windows performance. There are several power plans available in Windows. You can choose your desired power plan in Control panel. Open Control panel and go to Hardware and Sound-> Power Options. Now you can select high performance power plan. This plan is optimized for better performance but it uses more battery. Usually power consumption is not big issue, select it to make your Windows 10 faster.

2. Defragment Hard Disk Drives to make Windows faster

Over the time while you use your Windows, your hard disk gets fragmented and hence reduces the speed of your computer. In a fragmented Hard disk drive files are scattered. It takes more time for Windows to find a file in fragmented disk. Defragmenting your hard disk drive arranges your files properly in hard disk drive and hence Windows will take less time to find a file. This will make your Windows faster. Windows 10 already has default defragment tool. You can easily use it from start. Just type “defragment” in the start menu and you can see “Defragment and optimize hard disk” in search results. Use this tool to defragment your HDD drives and make your Windows 10 faster.

3. Disable Animations in Windows

Windows 10, like previous versions of Windows, comes with lots of animations which are enabled by default. These animations take some time to load and slow your Windows to some extent. If you want to “make your Windows 10 really faster,” first you need to disable them. You can do this in System Properties. You can use RUN utility (Win+ R) and type “sysdm.cpl” and press Enter to open System Properties. In System Properties, select Advanced tab and click on Settings under Performance. Here you can change visual effects for best performance. This way you can improve the performance of Windows 10 very much.


4. Disable unnecessary Third party services

With Mircosoft services some third party services also run in background eating up memory and CPU. You can disable those third party services to make your Windows faster. Go to RUN and type “msconfig” and press Enter. This will open System Configuration utility. Go to Services tab and you will see the list of services running, check the box below to hide all Microsoft services. And you will only see all the third party services which are running. You can disable unwanted services and make Windows 10 faster.

5. Disable Start up programs

You never get to know but most of the software you install on Windows 10 add themselves to start up list so that they can start with Windows and run in background. This increases Windows boot time and makes it slow. You can disable application from start up to make PC boot faster. In Windows 10 you can see startup items in Task Manager. Open task manager and then select the Startup tab. Here you will see the apps which are enabled on start up. Simply select any program and click on Disable button to disable it.

6. Kill Applications which are eating resources

Some application keep running in background even after you close them. Some of these apps might take huge memory or High CPU. It may slow down your PC like hell. It will be better to close those applications to reduce Memory and CPU usage. Open Task Manager and you can see the list of apps running and the memory they are using. If you see any applications using high memory, you can stop them to “make your Windows 10 faster.”

7. Disable Windows Indexing Options in Windows Search

Windows Search service provides content indexing, property caching, and search results for files, e-mail, and other content. Whenever new files are added to your PC, indexing services start their work and add new files and folder to Windows serach index. Windows 10 does this to make Windows search faster but slows down your PC. You can make your PC faster by disabling the Windows indexing services. Go to RUN and type “services.msc” and press Enter, it will open Windows services. Search for “Windows search” and right click to open Properties.

In the Properties, select start up type as disabled.

This might make Windows search a bit slow, but if you do not search files very often, this can speed up your Windows 10 performance.

8. Use Protection by default and use Windows Updates

There are several antivirus and anti-malware tools available, but they also slow down your PC a bit by running in the background. You can avoid this by using the default Windows Defender included in Windows 10. Windows defender is decent tool to keep your Windows 10 safe and running without eating much resources. Also keep your PC updated with the latest Windows updates as this will fix security and performance issues automatically.

If you keep above points in mind and use your Windows 10 wisely, you can always keep your Windows 10 running faster and smoother. Enjoy and have fun!

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