About Us

HELLPC.NET is a tech blog which publishes tutorials related to Computers, Android Smartphones and Photoshop. The writing method of the tutorials is kept simple and to the point so that even a newbie can follow them. Though writing simple and to the point tutorials with screenshots of each step takes time but it gives us more pleasure to see someone’s problem getting solved by the tutorial written by us.

HELLPC.NET team is group of tech-savvy people or you can call them geeks. The team consist of an Engineer, a Singer, a Developer and few other funny and interesting people. All of us at HELLPC.NET strive to give our best to our visitors and believe in delivering quality.

If you also like to write tutorials about any useful technology and want to get some experience then you are welcome to write for us. You may get in touch with us at [email protected] for more details.

-Best Wishes