AISight-One stop solution for all your Video Analytics and CCTV Surveillance Needs

AISight by BRS Labs Inc. is worldwide recognized product in the field of Video Analytics and Surveillance. In India, Rishi Overseas represents this product. It serves a special purpose for CCTV Surveillance firms that install and monitor the CCTV cameras. 

Monitoring cameras has always been a headache. According to researches, human mind can concentrate on a monitor for 29 minutes only. After that time mind goes blank. Monitoring cameras effectively for whole day is almost impossible.

So, what is the solution for above problem? AISight is the solution to above problem. Although there are already lots of products in the market but they all are “rule based systems” , and rule based systems have failed. The rule based softwares flood the system with lots of useless alerts. People watching those alerts become so annoyed that they stop looking at the alerts.

This is where AISight takes over. AISight on the other hand is Behaviour based system. It analyses and learns a perticular surrounding’s behaviour and based on that it provides alerts. These alerts are based on abnormal behaviour and are more useful. And alert volume is manageable. Having around 8-10 alerts per day per camera won’t be a problem at all. Additionally it can send alerts on your email.

How AISight Works? 

Following figure will give you some idea about how it works. You see AISight tracks, quantifies, and learn patterns for every single moving thing in the scene.

Here are some alerts you would like to see-

1. A car driving on the wrong side of the road-

2. Biker Driving off the road-

There are lots of alerts to show. If you want to see working of AISight personally, you can ask for a demo.
For Demo you can send mail on [email protected] .

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