How To Assemble Your Own PC In Easy Steps

Learn how to assemble your own PC and save money. Buying a new branded PC will cost you more. Better option is to buy the parts from the computer market and assemble them together. This will save your money and you will have freedom to build PC of your desired configuration. It will also give you a good understanding of computer hardware.

1. Computer Hardware for assembling your own PC

Here is the list of Computer Hardware parts that you would need, in order to build your own PC

1. Mother Board

This is one of the main parts of the computer. Motherboard is main board over which Processor, RAM, CPU Fan are assembled. Other than these all other components like Hard disk, CD/DVD drive etc. are attached to Motherboard using different types of cables.

2. CPU (Central Processing Unit)

CPU is main processing unit of computer. This is most important and expensive part of computer. On motherboard a fixed space is provided on which Processor(CPU) is installed. CPU has many pins on the other side. Each and every pin is important for it. Make sure you have installed processor correctly, because even if single pin is damaged, whole processor is useless. There is marking on Processor and motherboard which helps in installation.

3. RAM

RAM (Random Access Memory) is main operating memory of computer. Without installing RAM, your PC will not boot up. If you start your PC and see nothing on screen, that may be a RAM problem. RAM comes in different sizes, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and many more. Usually 4GB or 8GB is recommended for a home PC.

4. SMPS Power Supply Unit and Cabinet

Switch Mode Power Supply Unit (SMPS) provides power to whole computer system including Motherboard, hard disk, CD/DVD drive, and other devices. There are different types of cables attached to it. One for Motherboard and other for Hard disk, CD/DVD drive etc. Usually SMPS comes built in with CPU Cabinet. Cabinet is house of computer. Everything including motherboard, CPU, RAM, Hard disk, CD/DVD Drive all are housed together inside the Cabinet.

5. Hard Disk Drive

This is main storage of your computer. This is where your Windows and other softwares are installed. Hard disk comes in different sizes, you can choose whatever is suitable for you. 500GB and 1TB Hard drives are popular these days.

6. CD/DVD Disk Drive

DVD or CD disk drives are used for many purposes. Main purpose of CD/DVD drive is to use it for Operating system installation. When you assemble a new PC, you need to install Windows or other operating system of your choice on it using bootable CD/DVD disk drive. Bootable USB’s are popular these days, but that doesn’t harm importance of DVD drives. Other useful applications of CD/DVD drives are burning CDs or DVDs and playing Video Games and Movies.

7. Graphics Card

Graphics card provide high quality graphics for gaming an watching HD movies. These days motherboards also have inbuilt good quality graphics cards. So Graphics card is an optional thing.

8. Power Chords and Other Connecting Cables

You will get some power chords and other connecting cables to connect your devices together with the parts you purchase. You would get separate connecting cables for each part you purchase from the market.

9. Monitor

Another important part of PC is monitor. This is main output unit. Whatever we do on our computer, we see that on monitor like watching movies, writing documents, working on softwares etc.

10. Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboard and mouse are main input unit of computer. Operating a computer without a mouse is really tough job. Mouse makes it easy to point out anything on desktop, or click on anything to open it and plays very important part while playing Games. While keyboard provides facility to input text and some special keys are assigned for different functions. Also combination of keys is used to start a specific task or start some program.

2. Build Your Own PC By Assembling The Hardware

Now finally you have gathered all the hardware, it’s the time to get it together. Watch this video to see how the parts of computer are connected together

3. Installing Operating System

Next step would be installing Windows or any other OS on your new PC. Check these links-
How to install Windows XP?
How to install Windows 7?
How to install Windows 10?

You may have queries and problems, write them in comments below.
Enjoy, building your own PC!

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