How To Burn ISO File To Disc In Windows Without Any Third Party Software

You should have used many disc image burning softwares to burn ISO files to CD/DVDs like, ImgBurn, ISOBurn, Nero etc. These softwares provide various options for burning ISO files to discs. But if you just need to burn ISO file to disc, you don’t need any third party software. Windows 7 and later itself provides this functionality. This is called “Windows Disc Image Burner” utility. You can burn ISO files and IMG files to CD/DVD discs using this utility. This Utility is not available in all versions of Windows. This utility is included in Windows 7 and later. It means you will find this utility in Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.

Burning process is very simple using this utility. You don’t have to set a lot of options to start burning process. You just need to enter an empty disc into your CD/DVD drive and click on Burn and you are done. Let’s see how it works?

What Do We Need?

Nothing Special is required, just ISO file that you want to burn and an Empty CD/DVD Disc. In this tutorial I have taken the ISO file with name, Example.iso, it may be different for you. It actually doesn’t matter at all.

How to burn ISO file to disc in Windows without any software?

Step 1

First get your ISO file ready. If you have to download ISO from anywhere, first download it to any folder. Once you have ISO file or Disc Image file ready, you can proceed to burning.

Step 2

Right-click on ISO file and select “Burn to disc image” option.

Windows Disc Image Burner utility will start, which will show you name of your Disc Image file and your Disc Burner Drive. We will be using this Windows inbuilt utility to burn disk image to CD/DVD without any third party software.

Enter an empty disk of required capacity into your Disc Drive to start burning.

If you Click on Burn button without entering an empty disc, it will show you an error about entering the disc.

Step 3

After inserting blank CD/DVD disc in CD/DVD drive, click on Burn. The capacity of the required disc depends on the size of Disc Image (ISO) file. If you have ISO file whose size is less than 700MB, you can use a CD disc and if ISO file size is more than that, you have to use a DVD disc.

First Windows Disc Image Burner utility will check the inserted disc for errors.

After successful verification, disc burning will start-

Last step of burning process is finalizing the disc, once finalized, disc will eject automatically.

Step 4

After finalizing, burning process is complete. You can now close Windows Disc Image Burner Utility.

Enjoy Burning ISO files to Disc without any software! You may also like to burn ISO file to a disk using ImgBurn. Write your suggestions and problems in comments.

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