How To Burn ISO To Disc With Command Prompt (CMD)

This tutorial shows, how to burn disc image (ISO file) to CD/DVD disc using command prompt. We will be accessing Windows default disc image burner utility via command prompt. This facility is available only in Windows 7 or newer. Previous versions of Windows don’t have “Windows disc image burner” utility but Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 have this utility. The application that we are going to use for disc burning purpose is “ISOBURN.EXE“, that can be run through the command prompt like other commands/programs.

What Do We Need?

Nothing Special, Just ISO file that you want to burn and an Empty Disc. In this tutorial I have taken the ISO file with name, Example.iso, it may be different for you. It actually doesn’t matter at all.

How to burn ISO to Disc using CMD?

Step 1

Press Windows Key + R to launch RUN utility. Type “cmd” in that and Click on OK.

This will open Command Prompt window.

Step 2

In command prompt window, type isoburn.exe and press Enter, it will show you syntax of the command.

Now, type following command and press ENTER to start burning the disc image (ISO) using command prompt

isoburn.exe /Q E: “C:\Users\Username\Desktop\Example.iso”

isoburn.exe — starts Windows disc image burner utility.
— shows Windows disc image burner window.
E:  — Drive letter of disc drive. i.e. the drive in which you enter the disc.
— Path of ISO image file. You have to write path of your file. Replace “Username” with your username.

It will show you an error message and will ask you to enter a blank disc to burn iso file to CD/DVD disc using command prompt.

Step 3

Now insert a blank disc of required capacity in your disc drive and click on Burn to start burning iso image to disc using cmd. The capacity of the required disc depends on the size of Disc Image (ISO) file. If you have ISO file whose size is less than 700MB, you can use a CD disc and if ISO file size is more than that, you have to use a DVD disc.

First Windows Disc Image Burner utility will check the inserted disc for errors.

After successful verification, disc burning will start-

Last step of burning process is finalizing the disc, once finalized, disc will eject automatically.

Step 4

After finalizing, burning process is complete. You can now close Windows Disc Image Burner Utility.

Now you can close command prompt also. You have successfully burned an ISO disc image file to CD/DVD disc using CMD command prompt.

You may also like to burn ISO file to a disk using ImgBurn.
Burn disc image without any software.

Write your suggestions and problems in comments.

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