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Candy Crush is one of the most addictive games. You will keep playing it until you are out of lives. Once you are out of lives, you have to get help from friends. But you can’t be sure how fast you will get the help from friends and don’t want to pay for lives either. Irritation is on top level when you don’t get lives quickly. Here is the solution for your problem. You can get unlimited lives by using simple hack.

This tutorial explains how to get unlimited lives in candy crush saga game. You don’t need help from friends to get lives. There is a simple trick to get full set of lives.

Just Follow these steps:

Step 1

First play the game until you are out of lives.

Step 2

Now go to date settings and uncheck “Automatic date & time

Now tap on “Set date“. You will see current date of your device.

Step 3

Now advance your phone’s date by one day and tap on “Done“.

Go back to game, you will see, you have full lives.

Step 4

We are not going to leave this date like this. We will change it back to normal. Tap on the level that you were playing.

But when you see Play dialog, close the dialog. DO NOT PLAY THE LEVEL!!! Just close it.

Step 5

Now go back to date settings and change the date back to normal.


Go back to game and you will see that you still have all 5 lives. You can now continue playing the game.

Watch this video for more help-

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Do not change your date back to normal if you DO NOT have full lives, otherwise you will have to wait for 24 hours for next life. You can use this trick as many time as you want. Enjoy, Unlimited lives in Candy Crush! Post your comments below.

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