How to Skip 72 Hours Wait in Candy Crush to Unlock Next Episode

Candy Crush is popular multi-platform game. It is an addictive game having more than 9000 levels. It provides good time-pass. You can also link your game with your Facebook account to compete with your friends. The game-play is divided into episodes, each episode has 15 levels. You have to clear all of these 15 levels to go to next episode. When you have completed an episode, you would need help from your friends to go to next episode to skip 72 hours wait.

Help from 3 Facebook friends is required to go to next episode. Besides getting help from friends, you can alternatively wait for 72 hours to go to next episode. But luckily there is a trick to skip this 72 hours wait. That too without getting help from Facebook friends.

Skip 72 Hours Wait to Unlock Next Episode in Candy Crush Saga

This tutorial shows you a method to unlock new episode using Play Quests option. This option appears only when you are offline.

Step 1: Play Game and Exhaust All Lives

Click on the “Play Quests” button that appears after playing very last level of the previous episode.

But, if you are online, you will see only two options to unlock the next episode:

1 – Ask friends.

2 – Unlock now

Now disconnect your internet connection or turn on Airplane or Flight Mode and restart the Candy Crush app. Start Candy Crush App again and click on next level. Now you will see three options, the third option will be Play Quests. Click on Play Quests to continue.

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Step 2: Play Quest and Advance Date by One Day

Play first Quest and achieve the target. These quests are not very tough, you can easily complete them.

After you have completed the Quest you will see a 24 hours timer for the next Quest. It means you can play the next quest after 24 hours.

So, what’s the use of playing quests if it is still going to take 72 hours to complete three quests? This is where we are going to use The Time Travel HackAdvance your device’s date by 1 day. Don’t worry we will revert it back to normal later.

Above Screenshots show you date status of your device before changing the date and after changing the date respectively.

Step 3: Play Second Quest to Skip 72 Hours Wait

After increasing your device’s date by one day, go back to the game, you will have option to play next quest. Now, play second Quest. By now you have reduced 24 hours from your 72 hours wait.

After you complete the second quest, you will see the same timer for the third quest. Advance your device’s date by one more day.

Step 4: Play 3rd Quest and Skip 72 Hours Wait

Now you have only one quest left. Play the third and last quest to unlock the next episode.

After you have completed the third quest, you will be taken to the next episode and prompted to play next level. So, now you have successfully skipped 72 hours wait to play next level.

Step 5: Get Full Lives and Reset Date Back to Normal

Do not play the next level yet. Take a look at your lives left. If you don’t have full lives, advance your device’s date by one day again.

This will give you full set of lives. If you already have full lives, tap on any level to play, without playing that level close the play level dialog box and then reset your device’s date back to normal. After resetting the date, you will still have full 5 lives.

Now you can continue to play the next episode.


Go to Next Episode Without Waiting for 72 Hours

You have successfully skipped 72 hours or 3 days time to unlock next episode in candy crush saga. Enjoy the game. Check this tutorial to get unlimited lives in candy crush saga. Write in comments if you have any problems.

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  1. For the last 2 weeks, I’ve played 3 mystery quests as usual but the next episode is not unlocking. The boat/train screen flashes but won’t stay open, and can’t even use gold bars to move on after the quests played. So is there a way around this new problem, or is there now no way to skip the 72 hours. Very annoying. Anyone else having this problem or have a solution?

    1. same situation, its very annoying indeed especially when you have finish the quest but still the boat is not moving for the next episode, i hope someone has the solution for this.

  2. i completed three guest level, but not possible for go to next episode, and also not shown waiting times , when click on that location only popup.

  3. I completed three quests advancing date by one day and also played the next level. My probem is now when I turned wifi on its not starting and also showing five digit nos time in my device. Pl let me know how can I put this in the normal position like 72 hours.

    1. Turn off your WiFi, advance date to make time normal. When you have all 5 lives, revert the date back to normal. After that, close Candy crush completely. Then turn your WiFi on.

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