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How to Enable Group Policy Editor on Windows 10 Home

If you are a technical guy working on Windows, then you must know how useful Group Policy Editor is. It allows you to enable some hidden features in Windows. It also allows you to disable features that you don’t want. Just like you can disable Windows 10 updates using Group Policy Editor. But if you are using Home edition of Windows 10, you are going …

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How to Bypass Recycle Bin Permanently on Windows 10

One of the best feature most of the operating systems have is Recycle Bin. Specially it has been an integral part of Windows since the beginning. It helps you recover the files you have deleted (unless deleted permanently). But files stored in Recycle Bin keep occupying space in your HDD. And some people may not like this behavior as it takes two steps to permanently …

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How to Use Siri Full Screen on iOS 14

how to use siri full screen by blurring background

With the release of iOS 14, Siri has got all-new UI change which is good looking and has better functionality. Siri no longer occupies whole screen when you invoke it. So, you can continue the work you were doing already. By default, Siri will appear on the top of the current app. And both the current app and Siri will be visible to user. However, …

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How to Check Battery Health on OnePlus Phones

Apple has introduced Battery Health feature to both iOS and macOS recently. This feature allows the users to check their device’s battery health and know when to replace the battery. This is very useful feature. The sad part is that Android still doesn’t support this feature natively. It should be the practice of the companies to provide more information to users of the devices they …

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How to Add Caption to Photos and Videos in iOS 14

how to add caption to photos and videos on iphone and ipad

Finding some specific photo from your big collection is gruesome task. Specially, when you have a big collection gathered over years and want to look for specific memory. One of the biggest reason for this trouble is default naming convention. Because by default, images are named by date and time format automatically instead of custom names. Also it’s not easy to give custom name to …

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How to Keep Your Google Photos Private

Google Photos offers a great way to manage and backup your photos to cloud. Another good feature of Google Photos is that you can easily share photos with anyone. But sharing photos sometimes may cause troubles for you. Everyone wants to keep their Google Photos private. But, whenever you share album with your contacts, album link is created and it is public by default. So, …

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How to Add Multiple Profiles on Amazon Prime Video

After a long wait, Amazon has finally added the feature which allows the use of multiple profiles in Amazon Prime Video few months back. So, now multiple users can watch Amazon Prime shows, movies etc. using single account. You can create multiple profiles in single account. And each profile will have separate watch history and recommendations. Watch history and recommendations of other profiles won’t be …

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How to Use Instagram Reels on iOS and Android

In it’s efforts to take on TikTok, Instagram has introduced ‘Reels’. Instagram Reels is a short-video sharing platform just like TikTok. The benefit it gets over other rivals is it’s seamless integration with Instagram. That way ‘Instagram Reels’ gets massive exposure right from the start. Another good thing with it is that you can use all of the eye-catching filters and effects of Instagram in …

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How to Take Screenshots on Chromebook

Chromebooks come with most of the basic tools built-in out of the box. This makes them very useful to general users. Specially, if you want to take screenshots on Chromebook, you can easily do it with shortcut keys. You don’t need any third-party app for taking screenshots. Chromebooks have native option for taking full-screen, window, and partial snaps. Still, we have tried a third-party app which …

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