How to Use Siri Full Screen on iOS 14

how to use siri full screen by blurring background

With the release of iOS 14, Siri has got all-new UI change which is good looking and has better functionality. Siri no longer occupies whole screen when you invoke it. So, you can continue the work you were doing already. By default, Siri will appear on the top of the current app. And both the current app and Siri will be visible to user. However, …

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How to Add Caption to Photos and Videos in iOS 14

how to add caption to photos and videos on iphone and ipad

Finding some specific photo from your big collection is gruesome task. Specially, when you have a big collection gathered over years and want to look for specific memory. One of the biggest reason for this trouble is default naming convention. Because by default, images are named by date and time format automatically instead of custom names. Also it’s not easy to give custom name to …

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How to Use Instagram Reels on iOS and Android

In it’s efforts to take on TikTok, Instagram has introduced ‘Reels’. Instagram Reels is a short-video sharing platform just like TikTok. The benefit it gets over other rivals is it’s seamless integration with Instagram. That way ‘Instagram Reels’ gets massive exposure right from the start. Another good thing with it is that you can use all of the eye-catching filters and effects of Instagram in …

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How to Monitor Heart Rate Variability (HRV) on iPhone and Apple Watch

how to monitor heart rate variability on your apple watch and iphone

Every health-conscious person should monitor his heart rate variability (HRV). For the people who don’t know, HRV is a measure of the time variation between two heartbeats. Measuring HRV offers better insight into the body’s autonomic nervous system (ANS). It also plays an important role in tracking stress levels in individuals. Using Apple Watch you can easily measure HRV data with better accuracy and convenience. …

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How to Quickly Transfer Files Between Devices

Despite having multiple file transfer services like Apple’s AirDrop, Realme/Oppo/Mi Share, Samsung’s Quick Share, Google’s Nearby etc., it’s still a hassle to transfer files across devices specially across different platforms. Most of the services mentioned above are limited to their own ecosystems. We have found an extremely easy and seamless way to transfer files across platforms (be it mobile or desktop OS) and devices. So, …

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How to Enable Siri Suggestions in Mail App on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Other the time, Apple’s personal assistant aka Siri has seen some great and notable improvements. Besides it’s ability to work with third party messaging applications, Siri has been integrated with major music apps like Pandora and Spotify. Siri can also keep track of your app usage like Mail etc. and can provide personalized suggestions. With the ability to work with Mail, Calendar and Contacts app, …

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How to Bulk Delete Facebook Posts on Android and iOS

Facebook has become integral part of people’s lives. Billions of posts are shared everyday on Facebook including photos, texts, videos and events etc. Almost everyone wants to share each and every detail of their life on Facebook, be it a trip with friends or major life event. So, everyone’s timeline is flooded with a lot of posts which may become irrelevant over the time. Though …

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How to Check Heart Rate Recovery on Apple Watch and iPhone

In this age of technology, one needs to keep track of his/her fitness. The age old proverb “Health is wealth” still prevails and companies like Apple are providing devices to let users keep track of their fitness in various ways including HRR monitoring with Apple Watch. Here we would be discussing about how to see heart rate recovery on Apple Watch and more importantly, what …

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How to Enable AssistiveTouch in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

AssistiveTouch is probably the biggest highlight of the Accessibility suite. Though it’s designed for the people who have difficulty touching the screen or require an adaptive accessory, anyone can take advantage of it to carry out several tasks more conveniently. Sadly, despite being such a notable feature, it remains largely unexplored. Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture the screen of your iPhone or …

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