8 Cool Computer Tricks that You Don’t Want to Miss

Everyone likes computer tricks and shortcut key combinations because they make our work easy. And we know that most of you are computer geeks and you know most of the computer shortcut key combinations already. So, here we are going to show your 8 cool computer tricks that will come handy when you are short on time. You must give these tricks a try.

These tricks are very basic and you can use them in your daily computer life. Let’s check these 8 cool computer tricks that you don’t want to miss one by one.

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Useful and Handy Computer Tricks

1. Use Web Browser as Notepad

Sometimes, you may need to note down something quickly. Browser notepad comes handy in such situations. Just type following in address bar and press Enter.


After using this computer trick, browser windows will turn into white background on which you can type anything you want. You can save this as bookmark to quickly access it from bookmarks bar.

Use Web Browser As Notepad - Computer Tricks
Use Web Browser As Notepad

2. Quickly Clear your Browser’s Cache – Quite Handy Computer Trick

Sometimes we need to clear browser’s cache in order to see updated version of a website. You can quickly clear your browser’s cache by using CTRL + SHIFT + R key combination. It will refresh the page to the current version instead of showing cached version of that page. Quit easy! Isn’t it?

3. Open Task Manager Quickly

Still open Task Manager by right-clicking on Taskbar? Here is quick way to open task manager: use Ctrl + Shift + Esc. This key combination will open Task Manager directly. This computer trick comes very handy when explorer.exe fails to load and you see only black screen.

Open Task Manager Windows 10 Ctrl Shift Esc
Open Task Manager using Ctrl + Shift + Esc

4. Site Not Allowing Right-click? Use this Computer Trick

You want to copy something from a website, but website is not allowing right-click? How will you copy the stuff from there? Not a big deal! Just put following code in address bar and press Enter.


You won’t even have to refresh the page, right-click will be enabled immediately. Saving this code as favorite/bookmark will help quickly enabling right-click in websites.

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5. Tired of Higher Flight Fares?

When you visit an airline website multiple times, you see fare go higher. Airline websites use cookies to determine your behavior on websites. If a single customer visits, same airline website multiple times, website shows increased fares. Use this computer trick to avoid higher prices. Visit the airline websites in incognito mode in browser. It will keep websites from knowing how many times you have visited single website.

Incognito Browsing
Incognito Browsing

6. Want to Find a Website that is Dead Now?

Many a times, we find a website that has gone offline and may still want to visit it. Just go to archive.org and copy the URL of that website to search box and press Enter. Archive.org often have a preserved copy.

Want to find actual source of an image found on any website? You can actually perform “reverse image search” on Google to find similar images. Press and hold S and right click on image to do reverse image search in Google Chrome. Alternately, you can right-click on image and select “Search Google for image“. This is the best of all computer tricks as this can help you bust fake news online.

Reverse Image Search On Google - Computer Tricks
Reverse Image Search On Google

8. Annoyed by Facebook’s Video Autoplay?

We all know the problems you face on Facebook app and facebook.com website. Every time a video pops up on Facebook and it automatically starts playing without even asking for permission.

Here is the solution: navigate to facebook.com/settings. On the left side you’ll see ‘video’ option – click on it and you’ll be presented with an option to turn off autoplay. You can also check following tutorials for Facebook App and Facebook website.

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8 Cool Computer Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

Hope you liked above 8 cool computer tricks. As you saw, above tricks are quite simple and can be used in day to day life. If you bring these tricks into your habit, your computer experience will improve a lot.

In case you are facing any issues or want to share the tricks you know, you can do so in the comment section down below. You can also subscribe to receive such cool tips and tricks directly into your inbox.

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