How To Disable User Account Control (UAC) Prompt In Windows 10

Turn off Annoying User Account Control Prompt appearing every time you click/start an application.

User Account Control Prompt is a Windows security feature that keeps an eye on each and every program that try to make changes to your Windows and whenever you try to install or start any third party application, UAC appears and seek your permission to start that program. Sometimes, this feature becomes a headache, as it keeps appearing everytime you click an application. You can easily get rid of this User Account Control Prompt by following a simple method and you won’t see UAC Prompt anymore. This tutorial shows you, “how to disable or stop appearance of User Account Control Prompt. You can also revert these changes by the same method. This method applies to Windows 7, 8/8.1 and Windows 10.

How To Disable User Account Control (UAC) Prompt In Windows?

Step 1

First open Control Panel.

Step 2

In Control Panel, type “uac” in search box and click “Change User Account Control settings” link in the search results.

User Account Control settings window will open. You will see default security level which will notify you about every change made to your computer.

Step 3

Now, lower the security level  by pulling the Blue bar downward. Don’t drag it to bottom, it will expose your system to viruses and malwares and you won’t even know that those have been installed into your system. Click OK to apply the changes.

If you want to increase the level of security of your PC, move the Blue rudder to the top. This make the security of your PC tighter.

Step 4

User Account Control Prompt will appear one more time, click Yes to continue.

Now, you have successfully changed User Account Control settings. You have to reboot your PC before the changes take effect. UAC will not appear frequently and you will have a headache free experience.

After disabling (Turning off) User Account Control(UAC) Prompt, you are free to do anything in your computer without getting disturbed by User Account Control Prompt. It is recommended not to move the rudder to the bottom to avoid security problems in future. You can move rudder to top to tighten the security of your system. You can always move it to the default level to make everything back to default. This method works for Windows 7 and newer versions of Windows. Happy enabling/disabling UAC Prompt. If you face any problem, write in comment below.

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