How To Disable Windows Updates In Windows 10

Microsoft provides latest updates for it’s Windows Operating Systems using Windows Automatic Update. These updates include security patches and other improvements. But Most of users don’t like to update Windows, specially Windows 10, because it takes lots of precious data. In previous versions of Windows, you could easily Turn Off Automatic Updates but in Windows 10, you simply can’t change Windows Update settings. Microsoft allows users to only change active hours in Windows 10 update settings. Unfortunately, this doesn’t disable or stop Windows 10 automatic updates but it avoids restarting your PC during your working hours.

Luckily there exist some other ways to stop Automatic Updates in Windows 10. This Tutorial is about changing Automatic Update Settings using Group Policy Editor utility.

How to disable Automatic Updates in Windows 10?

Step 1

Press Windows Key + R to start Run utility and type “gpedit.msc” and click OK. It will launch Group Policy Editor.

Step 2

In Group Policy Editor, follow this path –

Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> All Settings

On the right side you will see list of available settings, scroll down till you find “Configure Automatic Updates“. Double-click on it and new window will open.

Now there exist two settings that you can use.

First Setting-

Step 3

Check the radio button next to Enabled and then select “2 – Notify for download and notify for install“. After selecting this, click Apply and OK.

Now You will be notified about available updates before downloading them.

You will also see an option “5 – Allow Local Admin to choose setting“, unfortunately this option doesn’t work.

Step 4

Now close Group Policy Editor and click on Start Button and select Settings.

In Settings window, click on Update & Security.

In Windows Update, click on Check for updates.

Now click on Advanced Options.

Now you will see a message, “Some settings are managed by your organization.” and below that you will see “Notify to download” already selected but you can’t change it.

This way you have turned automatic updates off but Windows will regularly check for available updates keep notifying you about it.

Second setting-

Step 5

Follow same process upto Step 2 and in Configure Automatic Updates window check radio button next to Disabled. Again click on Apply and OK.

Step 6

Again go to Settings -> Windows Update and first click on Check for updates like you did in previous step. Again click on Advanced options.

Now you will see same message in advanced options “Some settings are managed by your organization.” and below that you will see, “Never check for updates (not recommended)” already selected and like before you can’t change settings. But Windows Update has been turned off completely. Windows will not even check for updates. If you don’t see updated option, please restart your system.

Now Windows Update has been disabled. You can choose any of those two settings. We recommend first setting. Using that setting you can choose to install Windows updates whenever you wish. This process may look tricky, but if you pay attention it’s quite easy. Should you face a problem, comment below. Happy disabling Automatic Windows Updates!
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