How to Download YouTube Videos in any Format

When you need to watch YouTube videos several times, it’s better to download them to your PC. Because if you watch same video multiple times online on YouTube, it may cost you more data. This is very helpful in case of tutorial videos.

There are various third party software available for downloading YouTube Videos. But third party software may come with adware/spywares also. So, it’s better to use online services from SaveFrom.Net website to download YouTube to your PC or Phone.

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Download YouTube Videos without any Software

This website allows you to download videos by inserting URL of the video. Besides YouTube, you can also download videos from other websites.

Step 1: Browse Desired YouTube Video

First of all, open and play the video that you want to download. In this tutorial we have used a famous short film Big Buck Bunny animation video.

Play desired video on Youtube
Play desired video on YouTube

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Step 2: Redirect Video URL to SaveFrom.Net

After you have selected the YouTube videos, let’s see how to download them. First, click on the address bar and delete portion of the URL before

So, if URL is then delete www. and write ss in place of www. as shown below.

Remove URL portion before
Remove URL portion before

New URL will become- Press Enter to continue.

Replace www. with ss in the URL
Replace www. with ss in the URL

You will be redirected to a SaveFrom.Net website. Here you can download selected YouTube video in any format that too without any softwares.

Redirect to SaveFrom.Net to download YouTube videos
Redirected to SaveFrom.Net

Step 3: Download YouTube Videos in any Format

On the webpage, you will see a Download button for selected video. Next to this download button you can see the video format that you will be downloading.

Now, click on the format and you will see the list of available formats for that video.

Select desired video format to download YouTube Videos
Select desired video format to start download

Click on the format that you want to download, download will start immediately.

YouTube Videos Download Started
YouTube video downloading

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Download YouTube Videos in any Format without any Software

So, using online service of SaveFrom.Net, you can download any YouTube video which is not protected by copyright. You can also go to manually and paste YouTube video URL there to download the videos.

Availability of formats depends on the quality of video which was uploaded to YouTube. If a video was uploaded in HD quality, you will have more downloading options. Hope you liked the tutorial. Feel free to comment if you face any problems.

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