Windows 10 ISO: How To Get Direct Download Links From Microsoft Website

Downloading Windows 10 ISO files is not an easy task. You could have tried searching on Google, “how to download windows 10 iso“, but when you click on official Microsoft link, it redirects you to a page where you get link to download Media Creation Tool.

You can use this Media Creation tool to download Windows 10 ISOs. But downloading speed is not very fast and you can’t resume download if failed. Another disadvantage of Media Creation Tool is that you don’t get ISO download link so that you can download Windows 10 ISO file using any download manager.

This tutorial shows you how to get direct download link of Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft website. You just need Google Chrome installed on your PC to make the process easier. You can also use other web browsers but Google chrome works best. If you don’t have Google Chrome installed on your PC, you can download offline installer from our Free Downloads Page.

How To Get Direct Download Links From Microsoft Website?

Step 1

First Open Google Chrome. Search “windows 10 iso download” on And copy first download link as shown in snap below. Alternatively, you can also copy the same download link from below.

Step 2

Now, open another tab in Google chrome. In this new tab, open Developer Tools by pressing F12 key on keyboard.

As you will press F12 Key on keyboard, you will see that Developer tools will open on the right half of the chrome window. Click on Mobile phone icon near Elements as shown below.

Click on drop-down list next to “Device” and select any model. In the example below, I have selected Apple iPhone 5, you can select any one from the list.

Step 3

Now, you are ready to get download links. Paste the URL that you copied in Step 1 into the Address bar of this tab and press Enter. Windows 10 ISO Download page will open. You will not see Media Creation Tool download link in this page. Now, you can close the Developer Tools by clicking the cross button as shown below.

Now this page will display in full window.

Step 4

Scroll down on this new page, you will see option to Select edition of Windows 10. Click on Drop-down menu and select desired edition.

Click on Confirm to continue.

Server will validate your request. Now, you will see the option to Select the product language, click on drop-down menu and select desired language.

Again, click on Confirm to continue.

Server will again validate your request.

Step 5

Here you go! You will see Windows 10 ISO Download links for both 32-bit version and 64-bit version. You can click on the links to start downloading Windows 10 ISO file in Chrome. You can also copy the download link by right-clicking on the given links and use these links to download Windows 10 ISO files via any Download Manager.


Make sure you download the files before the links expire. Click any of the above links to start Downloading Windows 10 ISO files.

Now, You have direct download links of Windows 10 ISO files. You can also use Media Creation Tool to download Windows 10 ISOs.

Click here for Media Creation Tool tutorial.

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