Good News: WhatsApp Is Now Free For Lifetime, $0.99 Subscription Fee Exempted!

WhatsApp, one of the most famous instant messaging application, is now free for lifetime. Till now, WhatsApp charged $0.99 per year after first year of subscription. But now, it’s completely free. So, now you don’t have to lose connection with your dear ones if you have not extended your subscription.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp announced on Monday, 18 Jan 2016 that it is dropping the idea of the subscription fee to make the service completely free. While announcing the plan on Monday, 18 Jan 2016, WhatsApp’s founder Jan Koum stated that the annual subscription fee was still a barrier to some users.

As we have grown, we have found that this approach has not worked well,” WhatsApp admitted in a company blog post today. “Many WhatsApp users do not have a debit or credit card number, and they worried they’d lose access to their friends and family after their first year.”

Check Your WhatsApp Subscription Expiry Date

Time to check your WhatsApp Subscription Expiry date. Go to Settings >> Account >> Payment info and check Service Expiration date. It should be Lifetime. If your device doesn’t show Lifetime, don’t worry it will automatically update to Lifetime within few days.

How-To-Make-Whatsapp-Service-Free-For-Lifetime–2016-Check whatsapp service lifetime period

Now WhatsApp will need a different Business Model

WhatsApp said, the company will not be showing third-party advertisements like intrusive banner and interstitials, which nowadays is a common practice used to make free applications profitable. Instead, the company said, it will explore ways businesses can use WhatsApp to connect with individuals, and will introduce new ways for users to communicate with businesses and organisations that will pay the company to target relevant communications with customers.

For example:

  • A bank could use WhatsApp paid account to communicate with its customers about recent transactions and necessary fraud warnings.
  • An airline could use WhatsApp paid account to contact its passengers about a delayed schedule or cancelled flight.

WhatsApp parent company Facebook is using the same idea with its own Messenger application, which about a month ago started allowing its users to book an Uber cab directly through the Messenger app. Enjoy, WhatsApp, Free for lifetime!

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