How to Fix ‘Google Drive Backup Not Working’

To bring a backup system similar to iOS, Google has been making changes to it’s backup system to bring fast and error free data transition via Google Drive. But it still has not come close enough to iOS backup system. Sometimes, it backs up your data and settings but fails to import it and sometimes, it simply stops backing up your data. Many users have reported that their Google Drive backup is not working and shows “Waiting to Backup” error all the time.

In this tutorial, we have explained step by step process using which you can fix Google Drive backup not working error. Let’s get through the process.

Fixing Google Drive Backup Not Working

As above screenshot shows, Back up now button is disabled when you face Google Drive Backup error. We are going to fix this Google Drive backup error using ADB commands. And the best part is that you don’t need root privileges to fix this issue.

Fix “Waiting to Backup” Error in Google Drive

Before you start, make sure that you have enabled USB Debugging from Developer Options. If you have not enabled USB debugging, Open Settings and go to About Phone. Here, tap on the Build Number seven times to activate Developer Options. When you go back, you will see Developer Options menu. Open it and scroll down and enable “USB debugging”.

Secondly, ADB must be properly set up on your computer. You can follow the tutorial by clicking the link above. After you have gone through the basics, let’s move to the steps.

Step 1

First of all, connect your device to the computer and open the platform-tools or ADB folder. Open command prompt in the same folder. Simply type cmd in the Explorer’s address bar and press Enter.

Step 2

A Command Prompt window will open in the same folder. Now, type adb devices command to check if the computer has detected your Android device or not. You will get a prompt on your smartphone asking for permission for allowing USB debugging. Tap on Allow. The Command Prompt will show the serial number of your device.

Step 3

Now after we have successfully established the connection with the Android device, type following commands one by one and press Enter. If you don’t get any errors during the process, restart your smartphone.

adb shell
bmgr run
bmgr backupnow --all

Step 4

Your Google Drive backup should start working again and the greyed out Back up now button should get enabled now.

Step 5

In case, you get any kind of errors, while running adb commands, run following commands one by one and restart your phone. These commands will manually force Google Drive to start the backup process. Make sure you are in the adb shell mode already (otherwise you can type adb shell command to get into ADB Shell mode).

bmgr backupnow appdata
bmgr backupnow --all

Solve Google Drive Backup Errors

Above tutorial explained, how you can fix Google Drive backup error using simple ADB commands. The backup system of Android is quite great but still faces issues like this. Hope this tutorial helped you solve Google Drive backup issue on your Android device. If you are still facing issues, feel free to write your queries and suggestions in the comment section down below.

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