Google’s Fortune Teller: A Tribute To Syrian Refugees

Google has started a beta project to get attention of the world towards refugee problem in Syria and neighboring countries. After a big trouble in Syria, people of Syria are migrating to neighboring countries. Around 60 millions of refugees including children are migrating to Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. Google has taken an initiative to create awareness among the people.

Google has started a website for this purpose, i.e.

As you will type this in address bar of your web browser, it will open Google’s Fortune teller webpage.

You can type a question about your future. As soon as you press a key to type your question, a question will be typed automatically –

You can just press Enter to continue or you can press Google's Fortune Teller: A Tribute To Syrian Refugees - Predict My Future button below the input box.

Even if you don’t press a button, it will automatically redirect you to following webpage-

On this webpage, you will find why Google has started this project and what it is for.

With this project we want to create awareness. We need structural solutions on political level for this growing European problem. Please feel free to donate your time, money or love and spread the word.

You will see a magic ball on the right side of the page showing the no. of refugees while you are visiting this webpage. Below the Red Box, you will find suggestions on how you can help. You can also donate if you want, using second link under Suggestions heading.

On the top of the page you will see two links one for Images of refugees and other for Videos of refugees. Click on any of the above links and you will see respective content related to Syrian Refugee Crisis.

We all should help refugees as much as we can. You can donate for them, using the link on Fortune teller webpage or you can follow same link by clicking below-

Donate for Refugees

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