Got Invitation To Activate WhatsApp Video Calling? Watchout, It’s SPAM!

WhatsApp announced its most awaited video calling feature in second week of November 2016. Spammers immediately developed a spam website to take advantage of this new less known feature.

In a short time after WhatsApp introduced video-calling feature on November 15 2016, WhatsApp users began receiving an invitation link for activating Video Calling Feature in WhatsApp.

Spam message is as follows-

You’re invited to try Whatsapp Video Calling feature.

Activate at:

Spam activation link.

Only people with the invitation can enable this feature.”

After the user clicks on the given spam link, he/she is redirected to a webpage to enable the new Video calling feature.


The website to which WhatsApp users are redirected, doesn’t look like a spam website, and appears to be quite believable. The entire page has been designed so impressively that it can fool even the most observant of WhatsApp users.

After you click on the “Enable Video Calling“, you will be redirected to another page which requires user verification. You would then be asked to share the same message and invite four other friends to enable this video calling feature through the same link.

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]We request you to stop this spam message. If you received this message, DELETE it immediately and don’t click on the spam link. Also inform your friends about this spam message by sharing this post.

You don’t need to go through any activation process to enable Video Calling Feature in WhatsApp, just update your WhatsApp App to the latest version. Check this step by step tutorial on how to enable and use WhatsApp Video Calling Feature.

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