How To Hide Files Behind Images

We all know how to hide files to save them from unauthorized access, but that is not enough protection because anyone who knows, how to show the hidden files, can access them easily. Here is a new method of hiding files – Hide files behind Images.

Behind Images? Yes! A file hidden behind an image can not be accessed easily. Every time someone tries to open that file by clicking on it, only image will open. Accessing that hidden file requires a method, which is explained in the second part of the post. First let’s see how to hide them behind images.

What do we need:

  • File, folder or software that you want to hide.
  • An image behind which you want to hide your file or folder.

How to Hide Files Behind Image?

Step 1

First compress your files or folders using WinRAR.  If you don’t have WinRAR installed, download and install it. After you have installed WinRAR, right-click on your file or folder and select Add to Archive…

How To Hide Files Behind Images - Add to archive

A new window will open, give file name and click OK.

How To Hide Files Behind Images -file-name-and-save

After compressing  you will have a file with some name. For example- File.rar . Copy this compressed file to Desktop. Also copy your image to the Desktop. Let’s consider that name of the image is Image.jpg .

How To Hide Files Behind Images -copy-files-to-desktop

Step 2

Open command prompt. Press “Windows Key + R”, type cmd and press Enter. 

How To Hide Files Behind Images - open-cmd

Command prompt window will open-

How To Hide Files Behind Images - cmd

Now go to Desktop directory by using cd command. In our case, we used cd desktop and pressed Enter. You will be in the desktop folder where you have copied your file and image.

How To Hide Files Behind Images - desktop-cmd

Step 3

Now let’s start hiding process. Type following command in Command prompt and press Enter.

copy /b Image.jpg + File.rar Final_Image.jpg
How To Hide Files Behind Images - hide-file

In screenshot above, Image.jpg is image name you can write here your image name. File.rar is compressed file name you can write here your file name in rar format and Final_Image.jpg is output file name, you can type your desired name here. After pressing Enter, image and rar file will be combined into one file.

How To Hide Files Behind Images - hiding-complete

Step 4

Close command prompt and go to Desktop, you will find another jpg file with the name you typed in cmd. In my case it is Final_Image.jpg

How To Hide Files Behind Images - final-image

Double-click on that new image, It will open as photo-

How To Hide Files Behind Images - open-final-image

You see your file has been hidden behind the image and whenever anybody will open it, it will only open as image.  But in properties of that Final_Image.jpg you can see the size of that image is equal to the size of File.rar + Image.jpg  

How To Hide Files Behind Images - final-image-size

How to Unhide/View files hidden behind the image?

Step 1

Right-click on the Final_Image.jpg and goto Open with >> WinRAR archiver.

Step 2

 You will see a folder or file, whichever you have compressed in Step 1.

You can access your file and you can also extract it wherever you want.

Play Tricks by Hiding Files Behind Images

This kind of method is very useful when you need high protection for your data. And you can also play tricks on your friends using this method. You can hide any kind of data behind images using this trick, just compress it using WinRar or WinZip and enjoy! Hope you liked the tutorial. Feel free to comment if you face any problems.

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