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Google is bringing new update to Google Chrome enabling Not Secured tag for websites without SSL certificate. This is going to affect millions of the websites online. Google has already announced SSL to be part of SEO process. It means secured websites with SSL certificates will be given preference over non-secured websites without SSL certificates.

This new strategy by google is going to be a reason to worry to small website owners and bloggers. SSL certificates are not cheap and require yearly payments. But is planning to solve this issue for all it’s users once and for all. is going to install SSL certificate on all servers making it available to all hosting plans including Shared plans. Earlier, if you had Shared hosting, you couldn’t take benefit of SSL certificate and you had to upgrade to Business Plan or buy a dedicated server or VPS Server for availing SSL certificate. And those servers are not affordable for every website owner.

Taking the initiative, will be providing SSL certificate to all new hosting plans including Shared plans as well. FREE SSL from HostGator, includes a free SSL certificate providing security for your website domains and subdomains by encrypting communications between the server and visitors to your website. You can also purchase an upgrade to a certificate that is backed by warranty and a TrustLogo(R) Site Seal. Both options can help prevent someone from tampering with traffic, can boost your SEO rankings, and can be a key component when seeking PCI compliance and for e-commerce websites that accept credit card payments online.

How to get free SSL certificate on all hosting plan including Shared plan on

1.  New Hosting Plan

If you are planing to purchase Business plan just for the sake of SSL certificate, just don’t do it. On, you can get free SSL certificate on Shared Plan as well. is launching free SSL certificate for all of it’s hosting plans on June 29, 2018. If you purchase a hosting plan on or after June 29, 2018, an SSL certificate will be included automatically in your package free of cost. You just need to configure your website to force HTTPS and your site will load over secured connection.

Purchase Hosting

2. Existing Users

So, all new hosting plans are getting free SSL certificates. What about existing users? Well, you need not worry about that. is planing to install SSL certificates on all of its hosting servers including existing ones. This is supposed to be completed in first week of July 2018 as confirmed by support team. So, if you are existing user with shared hosting plan, you need not worry about SSL certificate. You will get it soon.

Changes required at your end

So, after SSL Certificates are installed on all HostGator servers, what changes will be required by website owners to load their websites over secured SSL connection?

Well, you have to make some changes to your htaccess file to force your website to load over secured SSL connection. If you are using WordPress, you can also use plugin for doing the same. There are many plugins available for that just search on

Force HTTPS using htaccess file

If you are willing to play with htaccess file and setup the redirection yourself, configure following rule in your htaccess file. BE WARNED! MESSING WITH HTACCESS FILE IN WRONG WAY MAY BRING YOUR WEBSITE DOWN!

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

Make sure you replace with your domain name. You can check more htaccess rules here.

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