How to Get Google Feed on OnePlus Launcher

One of the reason why users like OnePlus smartphones is the OxygenOS. With OxygenOS, OnePlus tries to provide almost every feature to it’s users which is available for current Android version. However, with OxygenOS, you might miss Google Feed access from the right swipe. While most of the smartphones provide Google Feed integration out of the box, OnePlus Launcher doesn’t have Google Feed integration.

So, the users who have recently moved from stock Android to OnePlus, might not like the missing Google Feed. Though OnePlus doesn’t provide Google Feed integration in it’s launcher, however, you can install modded OnePlus Launcher from XDA-Forums to get Google Feed from the right swipe.

Enable Google Feed on OnePlus Launcher

Please Note: Your device must be rooted with Magisk. In case, you are not familiar with rooting process, check this tutorial for rooting your OnePlus device.

In this tutorial, we will be using Magisk Module created by XDA Forums member ashishranjan738. The module contains the modded APK and it’s based on the latest OnePlus launcher. The modded APK has Google Feed support built-in which can be enabled on the left shelf. However, with the module enabled, ‘double tap to lock’ does not work and also causes some UI inconsistencies while in dark mode. Let’s see how to install modded OnePlus Launcher and enable Google Feed on OnePlus Launcher.

Step 1

First of all, we need to disable auto updates for OnePlus Launcher in Play Store so that next update doesn’t replace modded launcher.

Step 2

Download and save the modded OnePlus Launcher ZIP file to your smartphone. Download link has been provided at the end of the post.

Now, open the Magisk app and go to Modules via the hamburger menu.

Step 3

Next, tap on the (+) button at the bottom of the screen and then select the downloaded ZIP file. The selected file will be flashed to your phone. Flashing process doesn’t take much time.

Step 4

After you have successfully flashed modded launcher, open the launcher settings and go to the Leftmost Screen section. Here, select the Google app option and you are done.

Step 5

Now, you can enjoy Google Feed on your OnePlus smartphone. Here is the sample of Google Feed in action on the OnePlus launcher.

Enjoy Google Feed on the OnePlus Launcher

Above tutorial explained quick and simple method to install modded OnePlus Launcher to enable and use Google Feed on OnePlus smartphones. The steps are quite easy and straightforward so you won’t have much problem following them. Remember, you need root access before you can use this modded launcher. Hope you liked the tutorial. In case you are facing any problems installing or using the modded module, feel free to write down in the comment section below.

Download Modded OnePlus Launcher

You can download the modded OnePlus Launcher for enabling Google Feed in your OnePlus smartphone from the following link.


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