How to Get Verified Account Badge on TikTok

Getting a verified account on a huge video sharing platform like TikTok is real tough task. With millions of dedicated TikTok creators crazy for attention, it requires a real tough and unique talent to get your name famous. Only the creators who manage to win people’s hearts with their amazing dancing skills, great stunts or funny lip sync talent get a verified badge on TikTok.

The Verified Account Badge is symbol of elite league of creators on TikTok. Besides being the Badge of Honor, the blue tick also denotes that creator is TikTok star. Almost all TikTok users wish to get verified badge on TikTok. If you are the one who is also looking for getting verified on TikTok, you have landed at the right place. Here are some pro tips to get your TikTok account verified.

Tips to Get Verified Account Badge on TikTok

Let’s be very honest with you, there is no straightforward or simple way to get verified on TikTok. There are no quick steps that you can follow to get verified on TikTok. It depends a lot on the quality of your videos, popularity and engagement generated by your videos. And if TikTok finds your account suitable for getting the honorary badge, it will grant you a verified account badge as a reward. Do not compare yourself to celebrities as their accounts get verified badge even before uploading their first videos. But you can try following pro tips which will definitely help you get your account verified on TikTok.

Types of TikTok Verified Accounts

TikTok provides two type of verified account statuses for the creators on their platform. Though the verified account badge shows same blue tick symbol but their description differs.

  • Verified account: Comparatively, it’s tougher to get verified TikTok accounts as they are mostly given to celebrities and major organizations.
  • Popular creator: Getting popular creator TikTok badge is a little easier than Verified account badge. It’s typically offered to those creators who are active, have a ton of followers, follow the guidelines, and more importantly get a lot of engagement on their videos.

If you are looking for a TikTok crown label, Let us tell you that TikTok no longer offers it. The company has replaced it with the popular account status verification system. All existing TikTok crowns have been replaced with the popular creator label and blue check marks.

Where Do You Find Blue Tick on TikTok?

The blue tick mark appears right next to the usernames in searches as well as in follower lists. As for the type of verified account, it shows up next to the checkmark on TikTok profiles.

If a profile does not show the badge below the username or displays it somewhere else on the profile (i.e bio), it’s not a verified account. Only TikTok applies verified badges and they appear in the same place every time.

Be alert, a lot of online scams and fake websites claim to verify your TikTok account. Don’t fall prey to their false claims as they may hack personal information and plenty of money from you. They may even get your TikTok account shut down.

Requirements to Get Verified on TikTok

There are four basic requirements to get a verified account badge on TikTok. And if your profile fulfills all of these requirements, you might get verified on TikTok. But if your profile doesn’t align with the requirements, you need to get them right as soon as possible.

1. Be Authentic

The first requirement to get verified on TikTok is to be authentic. Only authenticity can give a long lasting identity on the TikTok video-sharing platform.

2. Be Unique

From Google to TikTok, everyone like uniqueness. It’s a great idea getting inspiration from others and emulating the best in the business, but blatant copy cats aren’t getting anywhere. So, be genuine and unique as these are the basic requirements to make someone a TikTok star. So, never fail to take inspiration from great artists, but always carve your own identity to stand out in the cut-throat battle.

3. Be Active

No matter how greatly you take on TikTok challenges or how eye-catching your TikTok videos are, the chances of getting verified account badge on TikTok will remain slim unless you become more active on the platform. So, you need to get into action as much as you can.

4. Adhere to Community Guidelines

Social networking sites are boon for empowering people to showcase their creativity, but they have also become a fairly safe heaven for troll armies and so-called professional cry babies. So, we suggest you never indulge in any activity that may demean fellow users and show you in a bad light. Long story short, strictly adhere to community guidelines.

Boost Your Chances of Getting Verified TikTok Badge

Here are some tips that can boost your chances of getting verified account badge on TikTok.

Share Top-Notch Videos

A little bit of extra effort can add the wings to your clips, making them go viral within no time. Remember, a short video has to look fascinating right from the start and hold attention of the viewer. So, make sure that your videos have the quality to grab attention. Both the video and concept should be appealing.

Share Videos in Vertical Format

Though TikTok for the web is quite popular, but the mobile app is what has helped the video-sharing platform break the records. So, always create videos preferred for mobile devices. So, vertical videos prove to be quite hit as they are more comfortable to watch on mobile devices.

Vertical videos

Take New Challenges

Improvisation is the key to success on TikTok. So, never think that you don’t have much room for improvement. Even if you may be the master of an art, your videos will stop getting enough hearts, if they lack fresh ideas. So, don’t hesitate to take a challenge just because it doesn’t belong to your territory.

Step into new challenges

Getting Verified Account Badge on TikTok

So, if you follow above tips and tricks and adhere to TikTok community guidelines, you can easily boost your chances to get yourself verified on TikTok. It’s a good thing that TikTok is very strict in providing verified account badges as it keeps low quality content away from viewers. But we wish there were an easy way to let every genuine user verify their account. Hope you liked this article. Feel free to write down your suggestions and queries in the comment section down below.

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