How to Install Latest Windows 10 Update on Your PC

Microsoft has been continuously rolling out Windows 10 version updates every 6 months since the release of Windows 10. Every Windows update brings a number of improvements, new features and other tweaks and optimizations. Microsoft initially tests the new features and changes via Windows Insider Program and then rolls them out to general users in batches via Windows update. So, when Microsoft releases a new update for Windows 10, it might be available for some users initially and may not be available for others.

If your favorite Windows 10 version update has been rolled out already by Microsoft for general users and you have not received it yet, you can manually download it on your device by following any of the methods explained below.

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How to Get the Latest Windows 10 Update on Your PC

Ideally, you’ll automatically get a notification about the available update when it is rolled out for you. However, if you don’t see that notification in Windows notification center and can’t wait to install the new update, you can always download it manually. Just follow one of the methods mentioned below.

1. Check Windows Update Manually

If you do not see any notifications for the latest Windows update, you can manually check for the available Windows 10 update. Just go to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update and click on Check for updates button. You may need to check for updates twice if it doesn’t show new update after first attempt. The download size may vary depending upon your hardware and the existing version of Windows installed on your PC.

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2. Download Latest Update from

If Windows Update method didn’t work for you, don’t worry, you can also download the latest Windows 10 update from the official website. To download latest update, go to the Windows 10 download page on and use the Update Assistant tool.

You can use this method, if you are unable to install Windows latest update via Windows Update because Windows Update errors are preventing you from installing it. To start updating using Update Assistant, click on the blue Update Now button and save the file to your device. After that launch the Windows10Upgrade file to start the update process.

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3. Use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

Finally, if both of the methods mentioned above don’t work for you, you can also get the latest Windows 10 Update by using the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from the same Microsoft page used in second method. Just click on Download tool now button and Media creation tool will be downloaded to your computer.

Now, launch the media creation tool and select Upgrade this PC now option to get the latest Windows 10 update.

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Get the Latest Windows 10 Update on Your PC Right Now

If the Latest Windows 10 Update has been released already but you didn’t receive the notification for installing it, you can simply use any of the methods mentioned above. It’s a good idea to wait for few days before installing new update after release as it might have some bugs which are usually fixed after initial release. However, if you can’t wait to install the the latest Windows 10 update on your PC, you can get it right now by using any of the methods explained above. Hope this tutorial helped you get the latest Windows update. Feel free to write down in comments if you face any problems.

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