How to Set Up and Use the Mi Box 4K Android TV

Xiaomi has recently launched the Mi Box 4K in India. Priced at ₹3,499 the Mi Box 4K is quite affordable and solid Android TV box for almost everyone. It supports 4K resolution along with many other services. So, if you are one of the new customers of Mi Box 4K, or thinking of buying one, you might want to know how to setup Mi Box 4K. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to set-up and use the Mi Box 4K on your TV.

Initial Set Up for Mi Box 4K Android TV

The good thing about Mi Box 4K is that it comes with almost everything you might need to set it up with your TV, including an HDMI cable. But you won’t find AAA batteries for the remote in the package. So make sure to buy two AAA batteries to start setting up Mi Box 4K. Funny thing is, you can’t set up the Mi Box 4K without turning on the remote. Let’s start setting up Mi Box 4K.

  • First of all, plug-in the Mi Box 4K to power, and connect the HDMI cable to your TV. Turn on your TV as well.
  • You will see the instructions for pairing your remote with the Mi Box. You will have to press and hold the Apps button and the Home button together (as shown in the screenshot below) until you hear a beep sound.

Note: If pressing and holding the buttons does not do anything, try following steps.

  • Try to power off your Mi Box by pressing the power button on the remote. If Mi Box turns off, just turn on the box again, and you can proceed with the set up again.
  • And if remote doesn’t turn off the Mi Box, then power off the Mi Box from the mains, and then turn it on again. You should be able to pair the remote now.

We hope you don’t face above issue, if you do, just perform steps mentioned above. Let’s continue with the complete set up for Mi Box 4K. You can setup Mi Box 4K in two ways – with or without an Android phone. Let’s start with Android phone method.

Setting up Mi Box 4K using the Android Phone

Step 1

First, follow the prompts on the screen and select your language and region. Next, you will then see a screen asking ‘Quickly set up your TV with your Android phone?’. Select ‘Continue’ here.

Now, on your Android phone, open the Google Assistant and say or type ‘Set up my device‘. Then, tap on ‘Next‘. Your Android phone will start searching for available devices.

Step 2

You phone will automatically connect to your Mi Box 4K. However, if it is showing a list of devices, select Mi Box from the list. Now, make sure that the code displayed on your phone matches with the one shown on your TV.

Next, Select a WiFi network, connect it, and then tap on ‘Copy’ button.

Step 3

Select the Google account that you want to copy, and continue the process. Just follow the onscreen instructions and you’ll be set up in no time.

It will automatically sign you into your selected Google account on the TV. So you won’t have to enter passwords and you can view your personalized YouTube video feed. Moreover, if your Netflix account‘s password is saved with Google, it will also be automatically signed into and set up.

Setting up Mi Box 4K without an Android Device

Sometimes you may not be able to setup your Mi Box 4K using the Android phone. There might be several problems causing this issue. In such cases, or in case you don’t have an Android phone, you can complete the set up using following steps.

Step 1

During the initial setup, choose ‘Skip’ when the TV prompts you for setting up with an Android device. Next, select your WiFi network and connect it.

Accept the Terms of Service and provide Android TV with required permissions. It will then walk you through the basic features of Android TV.

That’s pretty much it. However, as you have selected to set up Mi Box 4K without your Android phone, you will have to sign in to your Google account manually.

Step 2

For setting up your Google account, navigate to the notification icon and select it. Here, click on the option asking you to sign in to your Google account.

Step 3

Click on Sign In button using the remote.

Step 4

Finally, select ‘Use your phone or computer‘. You can also use the remote, but that will take more time.

Now, visit the URL displayed on the TV (alternatively you can click here), and enter the code shown on the TV. That’s it, your Google account will be signed in on your TV without any problems.

Set Up Your Mi Box 4K and Enjoy

Above tutorial explained how you can easily setup your new Mi Box 4K with or without using an Android phone. Now, after setting up the Mi Box 4K, you can enjoy all your favorite shows and movies from Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar and many more straight on your TV. You can also have watch parties with your friends to enjoy movies and shows together.

You might get some problems while pairing the remote or setting up using the Android phone and we have already covered that. However, if you still face any issues during the set up, feel free to ask us about it in the comment section down below.

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