How to Take Screenshots on Chromebook

Chromebooks come with most of the basic tools built-in out of the box. This makes them very useful to general users. Specially, if you want to take screenshots on Chromebook, you can easily do it with shortcut keys. You don’t need any third-party app for taking screenshots. Chromebooks have native option for taking full-screen, window, and partial snaps. Still, we have tried a third-party app which provides you a complete toolkit with features like annotation and screen-recording. Here we have explained multiple methods for taking screenshots on a Chromebook. Let’s check them out one by one.

Take Screenshots on a Chromebook

In this article, we are going to cover following methods for taking screenshots on Chromebooks.

  • Using Buttons in Tablet Mode
  • Take Screenshots using Keyboard
  • Taking Screenshots with Stylus
  • Taking Screenshots with an External Keyboard
  • Using Chrome Extensions

Take Screenshots using Buttons in Tablet Mode

If you are using Chromebook in tablet or tent mode, you can take screenshots on Chromebook just like you do in Android phone. Press the power and either of the volume buttons together. Simply press and release the buttons, no need to press and hold them. This will capture a full screen screenshot immediately.

Shortcut: Power + Either of the Volume buttons

use power and volume buttons to take screenshots on chromebook

Take Screenshots in Chromebook using Keyboard

1. Full-screen Screenshot

Easiest way to take screenshots on Chromebook is to press Ctrl + Overview button together. This will instantly take a screenshot of the whole screen.

Shortcut: Ctrl + Overview button (just above the 6 key)

overview button above number 6 key

You can access the screenshot in the Files app under the “Downloads” folder.

2. Window Screenshot

For taking current window’s screenshot in Chromebook, press Ctrl, Alt, and the Overview button. Then select the target window on your screen. You can simply press Enter to take a screenshot of the active window or use mouse to select desired window.

 Shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + Overview button (just above the 6 key)

3. Partial Screenshot

For taking partial screenshot on your Chromebook, press Ctrl + Shift + Overview button. The screen will dim and now you can select the desired area on your Chromebook screen.

Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + Overview button (just above the 6 key)

Take Screenshots with Stylus in Chromebook

1. Full-screen Screenshot

For this method, you need to connected a stylus with your Chromebook. With stylus connect, a “Stylus” menu will appear on the bottom-right. Click this menu and select “Capture Screen“. And it will take full screen screenshots on your Chromebook.

2. Partial Screenshot

For taking a partial screenshot, click on the “Stylus” menu and select “Capture Region“. Using your stylus, touch and hold, you can select an area on your Chromebook screen. Finally, release the stylus and a screenshot will be captured.

Take Screenshots on Chromebook Using an External Keyboard

1. Full-screen Screenshot

After you have connected an external keyboard to your Chromebook, you can take a screenshot by pressing Ctrl and F5 simultaneously. It is quite similar to the native Chromebook shortcut. But you need to replace Overview button with F5 button.

2. Window Screenshot

Similarly, for a window screenshot using an external keyboard, press Ctrl + Alt + F5. It will instantly take a screenshot of the current window.

3. Partial Screenshot

Finally, for taking partial screenshots on your Chromebook, press Ctrl + Shift + F5 button together. The screen will dim automatically and then you can select a region.

Take Screenshots using Chrome Extensions

Methods explained above were native methods to take screenshots supported by Chromebooks. If you want a more versatile and powerful option, check out the Nimbus chrome extension (Free). Nimbus extension allows you to take all type of screenshots plus it offers screen recording and on-screen annotations.

use nimbus extension to take screenshots on chromebook

Few Quick Tips

  • All screenshots are saved in the “Downloads” folder. You can open the “Files” app and move to the “Downloads” folder and there you can find the screenshots. You can also change the screenshot location, go to Settings > Advanced > Downloads > Change.
  • Function key F5 on a Chromebook is the Overview key which is generally located above the number 6 key. You can press it with Ctrl key to take a screenshot on your Chromebook.
  • The Switch key is again the same as the overview key in Chromebook. You can use it to switch open windows on a Chromebook. That is why it’s called the Switch key.

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Taking Screenshots on a Chromebook Easily

Above article explained several methods for taking screenshots on a Chromebook. This tutorial explained native as well as third-party extension method for taking screenshots. While the built-in shortcuts are quite enough for fulfilling screenshot requirements, the third-party extension will give you a full package.

Hope you liked the tutorial. Feel free to share your queries and suggestions in comment section down below.

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