How To Access Blocked Websites On Your PC Using Proxy

Companies apply very strict policy about internet access to their employees. They allow only a few websites on the client PCs inside the Company. If you try to open any social media website on such PCs they give you either “blocked website” error or “this webpage can not be displayed“. This tutorial shows you “how to access blocked websites using proxy method“. In this method, we will access a blocked website using proxy server by encrypting website URL and you won’t see that error page.

You can bypass this restriction and access your favorite websites. You can easily access blocked websites using proxy websites. Follow the steps shown below to see how to access blocked websites on your PC.

Step 1

First search “free proxy sites” on and select any proxy site.

Step 2

In this tutorial, I am taking example of proxy site. Click on link in search results or type following address-

This will open Proxy site.

Step 3

Scroll down a little and you will see input box to put the URL of your desired website. Put desired URL and and select the location of the server you want to use and click Visit anonymously button..

Step 4

Now, you have successfully unblocked your desired website. In this tutorial I have unblocked

This method won’t work if proxy site is blocked. In that case you have to try another proxy site and there are a lot of proxy sites. If you face any problem, comment below. Enjoy, have fun!

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