How to Add Caption to Photos and Videos in iOS 14

Finding some specific photo from your big collection is gruesome task. Specially, when you have a big collection gathered over years and want to look for specific memory. One of the biggest reason for this trouble is default naming convention. Because by default, images are named by date and time format automatically instead of custom names. Also it’s not easy to give custom name to every photo. Instead adding the caption to photos and videos will be helpful.

macOS already has the option to add caption to photos which helps in quick search. The iOS didn’t have this tool until the release of iOS 14. So, now you don’t need to scroll through whole collection to find specific photo or video. You can simply search a photo by it’s caption. This tutorial shows you how you can add a caption to photos and videos in iOS 14 or iPadOS 14.

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Adding Caption to Photos and Videos on iPhone or iPad

Apple Photos’ caption feature has the ability to sync captions across Apple Devices using iCloud Photo Library. So, once you enable iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone, captions will automatically sync across your devices linked with the same iCloud account. Additionally, you can also remove or edit captions if you wish.

a) Add Caption to Photos and Videos

Step 1

First of all, open Photos app on your iPhone or iPad. Then select the image you would like to add caption to.

Open photos app on your ios device and select a photo to add caption to

Step 2

After you have selected the image, swipe up on the image. Now, you will see the “Add a Caption” bar. Here you can now add caption to your photos and videos (if selected).

Swipe up on the selected image, you will see option to add a caption to your photo or video

Step 3

3. Next, enter the desired caption. Once you have added the caption, make sure to tap on Done to finish.

type to add a cool caption to selected photos or videos

b) Searching Photos or Videos by Caption on iPhone or iPad

After you have successfully added caption to your selected photos or videos, you can easily search for them. Let’s go through the steps.

Step 1

Let’s see how easy it is to search photos by caption. First of all, open Photos app on your iPhone and select the Search Tab.

open photos app again and tap Search button at the bottom bar

Step 2

Now, enter the name of the caption in the search bar at the top. As we have added the caption to photos (or videos) earlier, so, it will appear in search results.

The Photos app will quickly display the images with the searched caption. Now, you can select the desired image or video.

search for the image that you have added the caption to

c) Edit or Remove Caption from Your Photos and Videos on iOS

Besides adding and searching for captions, you can also edit or even remote the caption as and when you want.

Step 1

Open Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and head over to the image.

open photos app and select the photo whose caption you want to edit or remove just like we did while add caption to photos and videos.

Step 2

Now, swipe up on the image to see the Caption bar. Here you can edit or remove the caption from the selected photo. After you are done, tap on the Done button to confirm the changes.

swipe up to bring caption bar. now edit or remove the caption

Add Captions to Quickly Search Photos and Videos on iPhone or iPad

As explained above, the method for adding caption to photos and videos is quite simple. This feature of iOS 14 is quite useful while finding a needle in haystack. Only thing you need to do is ‘caption that needle’. We are glad to see this feature in iOS 14. It would be great if Apple also adds the option to edit the metadata of images in next versions.

Hope you liked the tutorial. Feel free to check out more tutorials about iPhone and Mac. You can drop your queries and suggestions in the comment section down below.

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