How to Add Multiple Profiles on Amazon Prime Video

After a long wait, Amazon has finally added the feature which allows the use of multiple profiles in Amazon Prime Video few months back. So, now multiple users can watch Amazon Prime shows, movies etc. using single account. You can create multiple profiles in single account. And each profile will have separate watch history and recommendations.

Watch history and recommendations of other profiles won’t be affected by any other profile watching content using the same account. So, in this article we are going to explain, how to add multiple profiles on your Amazon Prime Video account.

Add Multiple Profiles on your Amazon Prime Video Account

Though Amazon has introduced this feature little late but they have not implemented it half baked. Amazon allows you to add up to six user profiles which includes 1 default profile and 5 additional profiles into single account. So, now you can create separate profile for almost all members of your family including children. Let’s go through the steps required for setting up multiple profiles on Amazon Prime Video account.

Step 1

You can easily add a profile to your Amazon Prime Video account. First of all, login to your account on browser. Now, click on your name and then click on Add new button.

login to your account and click on add new under your profile name

Step 2

Now, enter a name for the profile. If you are creating profile for your kid, you can enable the Kid’s profile toggle. And finally, click on “Save changes” button to create the profile.

Step 3

You can also edit or delete profiles on your Amazon Prime Video account. To edit or delete any of the profiles, first click on your Profile Name > Manage Profiles.

Step 4

Here, first click on the “Edit profile” button. And then click on the profile that you want to edit. Besides editing, you can also click on Add new to create a new profile.

Step 5

After you select a profile for editing, you will have options for both editing and deleting the profile. If you want to edit the profile, make the necessary changes and click on the “Save changes” button. And for deleting a profile, click on the “Remove profile” button.

Add, Modify or Remove Profiles on your Amazon Prime Video Account

Above tutorial explained quick steps using which you can create new profiles on your Prime Video account. Besides, creating new profiles, you can also edit or delete existing profiles. Besides, Prime Video, Netflix also provide the option to add multiple profiles. You can check here how to add PIN to your Netflix profile.

Best part of Amazon Prime Video‘s new feature is that watch history and recommendations are kept separate for each user. Hope you liked this new feature. Feel free to use it and share your thoughts and opinions with us in comment section down below.

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