How to Block Pop-up and Spam Notifications on Android

Notifications serve great purpose for companies to improve user engagement. Notifications are also very useful for users to receive important updates from subscribed services. However, some apps exploit this feature of Android to bug users by sending spam notifications. These spam notifications may include advertisement, pop-ups etc. So, in this tutorial, we are going to explain how to block spam notifications on Android phone, be it from browser or installed Apps.

Disable Spam Notifications on Android Phone

Main sources of pop-ups and spam notifications are:

  • Installed apps and
  • Web browsers.

In this tutorial, we will be explaining how to block unwanted notifications from both apps and web browsers.

A) Block Spam Notifications from Web Browsers

Step 1: Block Notifications from Notification Panel

It’s not very difficult to disable/block spam notification from web browser. Whenever a spam notification appears from your browser, simply long-press and select Turn off notifications.

Step 2: Disable Notifications in Site Settings

Alternatively, you can disable browser notifications in Site Settings. Open your browser, then go to Settings -> Site settings -> Notifications. Here you can manage notifications for individual websites. You can either entirely block browser notifications or make websites ask your permission before sending notifications.

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B) Block Full-Screen Pop-ups from Apps in Android Phone

Some apps display full-screen pop-up ads out of nowhere. Only the apps with special Android permission can push full-screen ads on your screen. Let’s see how to find the culprit and disable spam pop-up notifications.

Step 1: Open Overlay Settings

First of all, open Settings in your Android phone and search for “Display over other apps“. Tap on the search result. If your phone is running on Android Nougat or later, you can search for “Appear on top” or “Display overlay“.

Step 2: Check ‘Display over other Apps’ permission

Now, you will have the Settings page displaying all Special app access permissions. Tap on Display over other apps and you will have the list of apps which have permissions to appear or display a pop-up window on top of other apps. Here you can block spam notifications or popups.

Step 3: Disable Overlay Access

Check the app list and disable overlay access of the suspecting apps. If you are not sure about the culprit app then first of all disable all the apps at once. And start granting permission to the trusted apps one by one. After you find the spamming app, you can uninstall or disable the permission if app is necessary to keep. Now, you have blocked full screen spam notifications.

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C) Block Push Notifications from Installed Apps

Besides full screen pop-up adds, apps also send push notifications. Some of these notifications might not be very useful to users. Let’s see how to disable push notifications from apps.

Step 1: Block Notifications from Notification Panel

You can disable notification from specific app right from notification panel. When you see a notification from unwanted app, simply long-press on it and select “Turn off notifications“. You will either get a direct option to block notifications (as seen below) or an App Info button which will take you to the app’s settings page where you can disable push notifications.

If you have accidentally disabled an important notification, you can tap on the Undo button to restore it.

Step 2: Block Notifications from App Settings

If you’re looking for disabling notifications for multiple apps, you can do so in Settings. Go to Settings -> Apps and Notifications (this path might be different for you) in your Android phone. Here, you will see the list of apps that are allowed to send notifications. You can disable spam notifications from multiple apps here.

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Disable Spam Notifications on your Android Phone

Above tutorial explained 3 quick ways to block spam notifications on your android phone. The spam notifications may come from your web browser or installed apps. Hope you were able to disable the spam notifications or ads from various apps using this tutorial. In case you have some queries or suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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