How To Change Language In TWRP Recovery To English

TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP) is one of the most common Custom Recovery used in Android phones. If you have installed TWRP Recovery for the first time, you may see some weird language in TWRP Recovery. The language of TWRP Recovery can be Russian, Chinese or any other depending upon the package you installed.

If the current language of TWRP Recovery is not your native language, you have to change it to any other language that you understand, say English.

Only after changing TWRP language to English, you will be able to use the TWRP recovery properly. This tutorial shows you, how to change language in TWRP Recovery from any other language to English. Before moving further, check this video.

Not getting clear idea from the video? No worries, let’s check the process in details. Just follow these steps.

How to change language in TWRP Recovery from any other language to English?

Step 1

When you enter Recovery mode after installing TWRP Custom Recovery, you may see some unrecognizable language in the Recovery. You may see something like shown below. Check the box as show in the image below and swipe from left to right.

After above step, you will see TWRP Recovery’s home page. Here you can see 8 buttons each showing some setting but in unrecognizable language. Tap on the sixth button to change TWRP Language to English.

Step 2

Now, you will see a settings page showing multiple tabs. Tap on the last TAB which is for changing TWRP Recovery language.

Select English from the list of languages and tap on the button shown in the bottom right corner to “change TWRP Recovery language to English.

Step 3

You have successfully changed TWRP Recovery language from Chinese or Russian or any other unrecognizable language to English.

Change TWRP Language to English

Above tutorial explained how you can change the language in TWRP recovery to English. Process is quite easy and straightforward. After you have successfully “changed TWRP language to English“, you can now perform your desired actions like installing Custom ROMs or wiping your device’s data and many more. If you face any problem following this tutorial, comment below.

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