How To Create Bootable ESET System Rescue Disk (USB Disk)

If you don’t have a good antivirus installed on your PC, there are chances that your PC might get infected by several viruses/malwares. If your antivirus is outdated or you don’t have any antivirus installed, then viruses can destroy your system easily. Sometimes computer becomes so infected that you can’t even use it.

So, what to do in such situation? There is one solution to this problem, i. e. scanning your computer using Emergency System Rescue Disk. A System Rescue Disk is a bootable media which can be used to scan your PC for viruses in emergency conditions. Almost all antiviruses provide this facility for free. You can create a System Rescue disk for future use. You can create System Rescue disk on CD/DVD or USB Pendrive.

This tutorial shows you “how to create bootable System Rescue Disk (USB Drive) for ESET Antivirus using Rufus bootable USB creation tool.” We would require some assets to start the process.

What Do We Need:

How To Create Bootable ESET System Rescue Disk?

Step 1

First Download Rufus from above given link. Go to download folder and double-click downloaded Rufus file.

You may see User Account Control Prompt, click Yes  to continue.

This will launch Rufus utility.

Step 2

In Rufus, click on drop-down menu under Device and select your USB Drive.

After selecting Device, click on CD Drive icon as shown below.

Now, browse window will open, browse to the location of downloaded ESET SysRescue ISO file. Select the ISO file and click OPEN.

Step 3

Now, you are ready to create ESET SysRescue disk. Click Start to start the creating emergency disk-

This process will Format your USB Drive! If you have any important data on it, first copy it somewhere else.
You will see a warning message, click OK to continue.

Rufus will format your USB drive, copy ISO files to your USB Drive.

After the process is complete, click Close.

Your System Rescue Disk is ready. Whenever your system becomes highly affected by virus, just boot from this SysRescue Disk and Scan your PC.

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This Emergency disk is very useful when your system become inoperative and you don’t want to lose your data by formatting your PC. Just Insert this SysRescue disk and scan your PC. Should you face a problem, comment below.

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